10.04.2022, 02:16

Erdogan is the best leader of Turkish contemporary history

President Erdogan who is an extraordinary man, is exactly doing the right work. Turkey is a country that depends to NATO. Erdogan is doing some aid to Jewish president of Ukraine and at the same time he has good relations with Moscow. Ukraine and Russia are meeting in Istanbul to solve the problem and this is something well. A local ceasefire has been done by the great man. I think, he is the greatest man in the contemporary history of Turkey. He was a simple politician and he arrived to be the president of great Turkey.

There is only my one criticism. Actually, it isn’t criticism, a salvation offer is that to become free the Kurdish guerilla leader because there are a lot of Kurdish people in Turkey and they have rights should be recognized. Of course, to divide Turkey isn’t a right because Turkey will never divide, but the risk will continue. To be inside Turkey of the guerilla leader as a free man will disappear the risks. I expressed many times that he should be elected in the parliament. He may be in opposition; it is not a problem. But to stop this rebellion it is necessity because military struggle doesn’t work anymore. Kurdish rebellions were against the corrupted regime, not against the patriotic Muslim regime. Moreover, most of Kurds voted for president Erdogan. He gets most of the votes in the Kurdish area, this is a fact.

We don’t know what will come in future. I think, whatever they will try to kill Erdogan. I am talking about Zionists and Americans and its allies and bosses. He must be very very careful. Because the man like this can’t be accepted. It is very sad for them what is like this. I hope, I will be able to meet him once in Turkey or Venezuela. I have never meet him before. And we have a lot of events to talk about.


The struggle for the liberation of Ukraine will continue. How can you explain the criminals who killed the Jews? The Jews were not killed in Ukraine by Ukrainians and they were not killed by the many Germans. Germans got them to prison to concentration camps. They didn’t kill them. They weren’t destroying their properties. Banderists who unified by Bandera, were doing these things. The grandchildren of those people came back in that area in Ukraine and they cause the mess.

How can you explain and accept this? President of Ukraine is an actor, a comedian. He is Jewish origin. His father and mother were fighting in the Red Army. They went to Russia, escaped to Russia to survive. But now Banderists are with him and NATO is with him and the countries which invaded Ukraine are with him. They responsible directly or indirectly death millions of Ukrainians.

How can you explain imperialist Americans are giving weapons and money to Ukraine? United States isn’t a humanitarian country.

There was a right-wing government in Germany but they lost the elections and now there is a left-wing government, a social democrat prime minister. He managed to become prime minister because they made alliance with two parties. They are minority government. And now they are bringing the country into mess. The Germans had eternal debt to Ukraine, now they are making help Ukraine but they are not making peace, they are attacking to Russians.

I think, Russia will win and they are always on the right side. Russia is the biggest country in the world and it is respected by all the nationalities who are inside the country. The Muslim were never bothered inside Russia. Muslims were fighting to defend Soviet Union inside of Red Army. And their grandchildren are still there. They are supporting to Moscow.


I am proud to say that Venezuela has an important role to play because they have refused the US interferes. A high-level delegation of the United States came for buying oil of Venezuela to break the price of global oil. I hope, Venezuela will be able to sell petrol but other certain conditions should get. There will be again the Venezuelan diplomats in the United States and Canada. And they will again give back all the property of Venezuela in the United States. These problems should be solved. Then Venezuela should have no more property in the United States. If the United States government want to buy Venezuelan oil it should be in normal conditions. Venezuela can take aid for oil production from America but it should be temporary. Venezuela should make its oil industry with non-American aid. Russia and Iran can help Venezuela. I said for many times but I want to repeat, because I am proud to say that Venezuela is the only country which retired the embassy of Israel, doesn’t recognize the state of Israel. All of countries recognize state of Israel and most of them are allies of it; most of the Arab leaders are allies of Israel. That is a shame!

Palestine is the holy land of Jews, Christians and Muslims. There will be again free Palestine. I am old enough to see this. The Zionists will be out of power. Whatever, we don’t know what will happen but things will be better after getting worst. We shouldn’t forget that there are independent countries like Turkey, China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba against the US imperialists and the Zionists.

Allahu Ekber!


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