16.05.2022, 10:22

Mirzabeyoglu was a real leader!

7 of May was an an interesting day in France. Because the reelected president of France met two former presidents. One of them is social democrat Hollande, and the other is a right-wing man who is foreign Jewish origin Sarkozy. Hollande was smiling; Sarkozy was looking more serious. It is very interesting that, Macron is going to face a new organization is called as New Popular Ecological and Social Union which led by Mélenchon. There will be an election in France in a few weeks. Macron want to have majority of the electorate. Therefore, Mélenchon should be the prime minister and there will be a real mess. Because a right-wing man can be proud with power by the help of so called a socialist party. A real mess is going to happen. Let’s hope it will be getting better. Because it can’t be the worst.

By the way Mélenchon is an opportunist manner was attacking Russia because of the invasion of Ukraine and this is a bullshit. The Russians are ready winning and they will win they will not lose. The president of Russia is too human too good, if he wouldn’t be more violent there will be less problems everywhere. That’s not forget Russian Muslim who are living in Russian Federation are always respected by all the regimes after the Tzar, from Lenin and Stalin to now. They are all supporting the regime and president. Unfortunately, there is a mess in Ukraine especially with the help of the Americans. People from the European Union are attacking Russia. Most of the Russian people are with government against that. Russian oppositions who are mostly communist, will support the regime. The other one is the pro-western opposition talk that bla bla but they don’t have many votes. They will continue to stand on the wrong side and they will have less electorate in the next election.

I must repeat that President Erdogan is continuing his clever game. He has good relations both with Russia and Ukraine. But to have good relations with Ukraine isn’t about only Ukraine, it is about the Tatars-Turks who are living in Ukraine. Tatars are an important link between Turkey and Ukraine. Most of the Tatars turned back to Peninsula of Crimea but this land has never belonged to Ukraine. It is a part of Russia since Russian army led by a Venezuelan colonel Francisco de Miranda captured from the Tatars. They respected to the Tatars. Only Greeks moved from the territory and Crimea was a Greek territory for thousands of years. Katharina was a member of a German aristocrat family and Francisco de Miranda became one of her lovers. It is a special secret of history. Anyway, I hope our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, the Kurts, the Turks and the other minorities will manage to live together in a peaceful manner. I hope, President Erdogan will take the necessary measures to stop rebellion. We don’t know what will happen, but President Erdogan will take proper measures for the next election to continue having support of the most of Turkish people including the most of Kurdish society. A member of opposition can be elected president in Turkey, I hope it will not happen. Because it is not historical traditions. A mess is going on with internet and the media manipulation. True Muslims who defend Muslims all around the world, will not be accepted by the West. Let’s hope President Erdogan will remain in power and our people who are my friends and comrades in Turkey become more powerful.

We shouldn’t forget 9 of May. Comrade Salih Mirzabeyoğlu was born in 9 of May 1950 as an example for the Turks to be a historical leader. Unfortunately, he left too young but he remains in our hearts and we should be able to follow him and shouldn’t make any mistakes. We behave like he is still alive. Salih Mirzabeyoğlu is an example for all of us as a real leader. We hope that everything will be okey for the Turks, the Kurds and the Cristian minorities. Racist Armenians should stop the violence and they should become friend of Turks again. Whatever happens we will win.

Allahü Ekber!


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