20.03.2022, 14:20

Russia will remind the borders to Kiev regime and Western world

We should continue talking about Ukraine. Because the events are proceeding.

I have been in Ukraine for 10 times when I was young. Most of these were because of transit, while I was going to Moscow, so I have been Ukraine many times. I have talked about it before, sometimes we went with train to Moscow from Ukraine. The Ukrainians were not so friendly to us. It was very strange for me. I am talking about 50 years ago.

I know the intervention of President of Turkey Mr. Comrade Erdogan to crise between Russia and Ukraine. He is very intelligent man. His frame is about doing something apparently in warrant way. He both sold weapons to President of Ukraine who is fighting in Ukraine against Russia and on the other hand he has good relations with Russia. He pretended to not allow Russian ships getting in the Black Sea but essentially, he prevented NATO war ships getting in to Black Sea. This is an intellectually policy.

Turkey is getting back to historical position hole the area. They will manage with the Russians to bring the peace in the area. Apparently, the regime of Kiev will be disappeared. People want to live in Western Europe even the Turks, they want to come abroad to Europe they used temporarily most countries to go Western Europe but countries didn’t allow this many times. But they allow to enter to Ukrainians and they received like heroes. That is good, this isn’t a mistake.

The Russians will occupy Kiev then they will contact with Kiev regime and they will remind the the borders to Kiev regime and Western world. Russian army bases in that area are so closer to the NATO countries in the environment. They don’t forget that all these countries like Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania joined the NATO. Even the lady who is prime minister of Sweden said they are going to join the NATO. This is very strange. Because the power of Sweden was to be a neutral country.

I think, whatever Russians are undefeatable. All the position of boycott on Russian productions serves interests of imperialist the United States. Because everybody will pay more money to bring petrol from the United States.

The situation in France… There is an event which government has caused cleverly. I think they are going to reduce the price of liter of petrol which is one of the most expensive levels ever in history. The government signed to reduce 20 cents the liter of petrol which is over 2 euros. 20 cents will be paid eventually by the state to companies.

There is strange situation in the world. Saudis didn’t want to get involving this and don’t want to boycott Russia. There is completely a mess in the world and this mess wasn’t provoked by Moscow, it was provoked by NATO countries. Everybody will loose because of this event except Russians and Turkey. Turkey will be getting back its position as regional power.

In recent years there is an economical-financial war against President Erdogan’s Turkey. Turkey is in a big economical crisis existing. Although the aggression Erdogan will not be failed. I hope, Erdogan will get enough votes in next elections. The problem is that people who are voting against Erdogan means they are doing mistake for Turkey. Of course, there is mistakes of government too. When Erdogan was elected first time and became the prime minister, the most majority of Kurds supported him. Bu prosecuting on Kurds prevented getting the peace.

Turkey have power in Europe and Asia. I think, the biggest country in history which is Russia will win and Turkey will become a regional power. I hope that there will be peace and in the next elections will be won by the government which is national union that supported by all the patriot and there aren’t foreign agents in it. That doesn’t mean all of the opponents are foreign agent, of course there is patriots too.

Allahü Ekber!


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