All the European subjects that are in power, are against President Erdogan. Because he is not a traitor, he is a Turkish patriot, and he is a true Muslim. Turkey is the single country which is ruled by true Muslims in the world. Especially Iranians are Shiite. Americans don’t attack Turkiye openly, because they have to lead the country in order to not lose the bases and strategic advantages of it. Consequently, the mess is going on.

There is a kind of racism against Turks. They are Turk and Muslim. Of course, some of Turkish citizens are Christian and Jew, but almost all of them are Sunni Muslim. There are different nationalities, and this is something else. Before the Turks there are different nations. Turkish people came last to the area. Everybody respected to the big Turkish empire. Especially the Christians in Eastern Europe respected them. When they left, the situation in the area became worst and worst day by day.

Whatever, I hope President Erdogan will win the elections. It is not clear. There is a tension about the attack of a crazy racist French man to the Kurdish internationalist cultural association in the news in France. I think it is not politic attack and not related with Turkiye, only he is a crazy man. To become it related with Turkiye is a bullshit. You know, about the building of the biggest mosque of France was sabotaged by France, because of it was supported by Turkiye. There was a discussion about it. Now they discuss the assassination which was done 2 weeks ago. I don’t know what is happening because I am prisoned. I guess things might get better.

I have to say something about to prevent the traitor who betrayed his own people in Ukraine. Also, he betrayed his Jewish mother and father. They were soldiers in Red Army during the II. World War. Of course, some of Jews were not clean, but I don’t defend the Nazis. They deported Jews; they send them away. Because of the Zionist criminals, Jewish people were suffering. 6 million people were killed. There was a lady as a minister. One day while talking in television said that anybody don’t talk about the lies of Israel in whole of the world.

President Erdogan is holding on. He didn’t allow to NATO ships entering the Black Sea. Then he led the grain corridor and provided to reach Ukrainian grain ships to other countries. It is very important. I hope he will remain power. I think he will take necessary measures people to vote for him again.

The most important problem of Turkiye is about the Kurdish people. Most of them vote for Erdogan. Of course, Turkiye behave respectful to Kurdish people and give them all rights. I don’t think there is a big mistake of government. This is a long-time problem and it also continue in Syria, Iraq, and Iran. For example, some of Kurds claimed that there is Turkiye behind the assassination in Paris last week, but they can’t prove it. It was done by a French crazy man. Discussion about the issue is continuing in France. Some of the Kurds are manipulated by the CIA.

The situation in Turkiye is not easy. Erdogan should take necessary measures to prevent Turkiye become an agent of US imperialism and Zionism again. Turkiye is too important not be ruled by agents.

Allahü Ekber!