There have been a terrible happening in France. A Kurdish internationalist cultural association were attacked by a French man. The French man is 69 years old, and he got out of prison 10 days ago before the attacking. Three people were killed, and the French man arrested there. He is not normal. He is a racist man and some of people such as him hate foreigners.

Kurdish accused Turkish security and Turkish government and Turkish nationalists by the claiming to be related with this issue after the attacking. It is not clear. There were demonstrations in Paris. They used violence and they attacked police and cars. Why did they choose this stupid way? I don’t think even Abdullah Ocalan apply those stupid behaviors. France gives asylum to Kurdish people. But they demonstrate Paris. Especially it is absurd that even Turkish security have been doing something, they don’t have right of that kind of violence. Violence isn’t necessary.

We are living in a crazy world, and I don’t afraid anything. Somebody makes problem everywhere. They don’t have the target about getting peace. I am a supporter of Kurdish cause. Kurdish people have historical rights that should be respected such as language. They should be able known a school for Kurdish language. Not just for Turkiye, it should be for Syria, Iraq, and Iran. In Iraq there is an autonomy Kurdish state, they can defend directly. But the government of Kurdistan in the north of Iraq is traitor. They betray the cause of Arabs, Kurds and Muslims. They are supposed to be Muslim, but they ally of Israel. Israel has bases in the north of Iraq.

I want Abdullah Ocalan to be released. He can be in opposition side in a peaceful manner. He can defend the rights of Kurdish people in respect to actual Turkish law. It should be done for peace. I always defend the rights of Kurdish people. But on the other hand, being in position gives some responsibility. I was afraid when I watched the news on television. They were burning the cars. Why did Kurdish men do it in France? In fact, meaning of the behavior is to fight against the rights of Kurdish people.

Let’s hope that thing will get better. Because there are countless crazy people that are making stupid things, not only the Kurdish nationalist movement, in everywhere.

Let’s hope in the next elections President Erdogan will be elected again but it is not clear. One of the leaders of the opposition who is the mayor of Istanbul, shouldn’t get in prison. If it would be, a mess against the interest of all people in Turkiye can begin. We shouldn’t forget that now the official capital of Turkiye is Ankara but historically Istanbul is not just the capitol of Turkiye, it is the capital of whole region. I want Turks to become a world power again.

Consequently, a racist French old man who is 69 years old, killed three Kurdish people and some of the Kurdish extremist provoked people against France. They burned Paris. But we have the information that France is against the Turkish regime. We can remember the assassinations of Turkish diplomats by Armenian nationalists. France released the assassins after they arrested. Turkiye is historical enemy of France. So, the behavior of Kurdish extremist isn’t logical. At the end the events Kurdish people will lose. Especially the innocents will pay. Extremist Kurdish nationalists should respect to decision of Kurdish people and the government of Turkiye should respect the rights of Kurdish. Because most of the Kurdish people support the government in Turkiye. Why? Because the government isn’t enemy agent, it isn’t ally of Israel. So, thing should get better!

Allahu Ekber!


Çakal Carlos (S. Muhammed)