There is something going on now, historical situation the army of the Russian Federation with is formed by Russian and non-Russian the citizens of Russia from the Pacific to Atlantic. Russia is the biggest country in the history.

They were defending to intervene Ukraine to defend the citizens of the East of Ukraine who have been bombed and killed for years by the army of Ukraine and especially by some terrorist groups including Bandera followers. Firstly Jews have been killed in Ukraine by Bandera followers. They attacked and destroyed many people. They were working with the Nazis. Even the Nazis were shocked because of their acts. They caught the Jews and send concentration camp. They did and they continue. But all the world press supporting them except the Venezuelan press. Because Venezuela supports Russia. How can you explain the attitude of the world press? The USA is the worst criminal imperialist power in the history and they have killed more people than the Nazis. Against to all people support the US. Russia will win, will not lose. I am on the side of Russia. Unfortunately, most of the victims will be innocent people, innocent Ukrainians.

Don’t forget, Ukraine was established as a state in 1918 by the great communist leader Vladimir Ilich Lenin. I am proud when I say the name of Lenin. Because my name is Ilich, my second brother’s name is Lenin and the youngest one’s name is Vladimir. My father was a communist and he gave us his names. Lenin made the republic of Ukraine. Republic of Ukraine have never been before Lenin. Kiev was a very important city of the all area. Moscow was smaller city than Kiev. Moscow became strong and the Russians are ruling from Moscow all this part of the world from Atlantic to Pacific.

All this people, they want to remain in a part of great Russia. They may be Russian and they are respected. It is very strange. The USA is doing that kind of things with its ally Germany. There was a right-wing government in Germany, they will not probably at all. The prime minister of Germany who is Merkel, was a right-wing woman who is a Cristian democrat. Her father was a Protestant. She was born in West of Germany Hamburg. Then her father moved to East Germany because of his religion. She learnt to speak Russian. These people in Germany are supposed to be left-wing people but they are right-wing people, they are making a complete mess. They wile Russia. The Russians are mostly socialist. Including former prime minister were working with Russians and cooperate them but not agents of Russians. Now is a complete mess. Who will pay for it. Poor people will pay. They will suffer more and more.

Ukraine will disappear as we know it. The poor Republic of Donbass will join the Russia Federation. Ukraine should defeat Russian federation to prevent them to join Russia, but Ukraine know that they will not defeat anymore.

There is only one person who got very clever position is the President of Turkey. He sold weapons to Ukrainian government on the other hand have good relations with Russia. He had a good position on Black Sea. The leader of Russia doesn’t want foreign warships entering Black Sea from the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, Turkey is a NATO country but it uses NATO membership cleverly. Erdogan disqualified NATO countries which want to enter Black Sea but everyone supposed it preventing Russian ships. I think, the great man should be very careful. Because he is an independent true-real Muslim and fighter. He believes in cihad, so we see the president of Turkey as a comrade, brother Erdogan. He is an example to all of us.

I don’t forget there was a speech in Istanbul between President Erdogan and two president of Venezuela who are Chavez that killed by the US and Maduro, about Carlos liberated. President Erdogan is a supporter of the Palestinian Cause. The relations with Israel have been continuing before he became a prime minister. When he was prime minister, the relations had broken for a time. The Israelis are very clever and they will act cleverly. Turkey will not have excuse definitely to broke relations with them.

We don’t forget Mavi Marmara. One of my lawyers was in the ship. There was a bishop who was dead. People were going to support Palestinian people in Gaza. They were without weapon. They were attacked on international waters by discriminators of Israel that don’t respect anything.

They abused to death of Jews, they were cooperating with the Nazis, the Zionist were allies of the Nazis, don’t forget this. Because they were very happy that Jews have been killed so they could go to Palestine. There were some Jewish refugees in Palestine but now we have a Zionist regime. The only NATO country has a good position regarding Israel is Turkey and comrade Erdogan. They tried to kill him and Allah protected.

We don’t know the result but I am not pessimistic. We will win because Lâ ilâhe illalallah Muhammeden Resûlullah!

Allahü Ekber!