I want to say something about the tragedy which is in the North of Syria and especially in the South of Türkiye. Millions of people were affected by disaster. I hope President Erdogan will be able to arrange things better. The problem is that there are a lot of Kurds who are important to elect again for the government. That can affect the result of election, we will see it very soon. President Erdogan might lose the elections. I hope he won’t lose. Let’s pray to Allah for a better situation. 

I would like to talk about Venezuela. I have been here for 28 years in prison. I was illegally condemned seven times without single witness. There is something against me. The CIA want to meet with me and work for them. If I accept to war for the enemy, I will be out of prison. I will never accept this request. I am an old communist, but I believe in Allah like comrade Stalin who executed thousands of Orthodox priests because the church was manipulated by corrupted people. Also in Islam, corrupted people can infiltrate and control everything. The main religion related with the number of people is Catholic religion. The actual pope that is Argentinian origin, is trying to clean up the church from corrupted people. I hope he will succeed; it is important for the Catholic Church. I come from a Catholic country. Most of the Muslims so called Muslim countries and Islamic governments are mostly corrupted. From Morocco to border of Egypt everything is a mess. We don’t know what will happen, but we believe in Allah. I think, good people will live. 

I am an old communist. I entered the Communist League when I was 14 years old. When I was 16 years old, I was responsible of the Young Communist League in the center of Caracas. There was a civil war. Venezuelan Communist Party was the only independent communist party in all the countries of the Latin America including Cuban. Before Fidel Castro all the communist leaders of Cuba were working for the KGB. I am not against the KGB but I am in prison because of them. I am not inventing this; this is a fact. The KGB close me the doors and at the end traitors in Sudan sold me for 50 million dollars. This is a war. They sold me for 50 million dollar, and I am not proud of it, but it is a fact. Anyway, the President of Sudan is prison now, over 100 million dollars were gotten in his house 50 from me and 50 from Usama bin Laden. Saudis didn’t want to keep Usama. So, they pay the money to Beşir with the order of CIA, but he couldn’t arrest Usama. He went to Afghanistan and at the end he was assassinated in Pakistan by the intelligence forces of the US. 

My family is a respected family. We have three Venezuelan president from my family. My two younger brother Vladimir and Lenin have doctorates, and they were engineers, and they are retired now. But Lenin still get some works and Vladimir got the second doctorate. In this world we are in betrayed. 

There will be elections in Türkiye, I hope President Erdogan will not lose, but most likely he will lose. Because they had many mistakes as well. The western countries and establishments such as CIA are against them and the local Turkish patriotic left. Thousands of people have died in South of Turkiye because of earthquake and most of them were Kurds. 

I have been in prison for very very long time. There is only one political prisoner who has stayed in prison longer than me. He is a Lebanese political prisoner in France. There is no proof, but they keep him in prison. Only they want him work as an agent. He is a socialist from Lebanon and he is Maronite. It is very strange. He is still in prison because of a crime that wasn’t done by him. The situation of him is just like me. I want to go back Venezuela and help to the Chavista government to make things better in Venezuela. The Venezuelan Communist Party is supporting revolution and there is a revolutionary government. But inside them, there is people that are contra-revolutionary. They are Lambertist and Trotskyist. Lambertists are working for the US. Most the militants of Lambertist groups in France are not agents of enemies but the origin is this. 

Whatever, we don’t know what will happen, but we trust in Allah. Allah will clean up this dirty. I hope President Erdogan will be able to continue, he will arrange things better. 

Allahü Ekber