There is a situation and posibility of war in Niger. And unfortunately, some African governments want to intervene. The United States said no. Because if the African governments intervene, it means they will be defeated and it will allow the Russians to be there. The United States, they are imperialists, and they know what they do.

The French army should leave Niger definitely. They should all go home. They have nothing to do in Africa. The French colonization of Africa was the worst of all. It was the worst of all. Anyway, when the Italians colonized parts of Africa, they left a good memory for the people. That don’t mean I accept the colonization, but the Italians were good. Only the French make problems everywhere. I hope the President of France will take the necessary measures and the French army should leave Africa.

The situation in Niger is very particular. You have these Islamist organizations who are in guerrilla for years now. And unfortunately, they are mistaken. It will make Islam trough with this kind of behavior on the view of others. Muslims respect the others. Prophet and those who followed him were always giving the right instructions and respecting the people of the land they conquered. Most of these people became Muslims. But those who remained Christian or Jews, they respected them. And even the others, they respected them. They had the right to their own belief. And that was amazing. The Muslim guerrillas, I like them. Osama Bin Laden was a great man. I met him personally first time when he was 17 years old. And he was in Sudan. He was sold for $50 million. But he was lucky that the Saudis didn't want to get him back. And the United States could not take him to the United States. So, they could not arrest him. And he managed to escape.


Whatever we are holding on, we are hoping that President Erdogan will not make mistakes. He is an intelligent man. He is a patriot, and he is a Muslim. But the integration with Qatar is already good, it's not bad, but this is not enough. There should be peace in Turkiye, and in the area.

You have the situation of war, a terrible war in Syria, disorder in Syria. But the government of President Erdogan will clean up everything. But they go slowly. Because they know the situation in the country, it is not easy. The Kurds are not the enemies of the Syrians. They gave the nationality to the Kurds who arrived there in the 1930s after the insurrection in Turkiye. And they are now Syrian citizens. The Americans are trying to manipulate these people. But it will not work. Because the Kurds are good people. And they deserve respect.

Turkiye is a rich country. But it's in a very difficult economic situation nowadays. The Turkish lira is worth nothing now. It used to be a reference before.

I am an old communist. And I believe in God. But we must remember that not everybody is Muslim. Even the Muslims, they are not all thinking the same way. I am a Muslim. I respect the Christians and the Jews. We have Jewish comrades. The biggest operation in Palestine was made by a Jew of German origin, born in Palestine. Common goal, we have to clean up the Israeli government. The Israeli government is the enemy of mankind. The enemy of the Jews and the enemy of everybody. President Erdogan has clever relations with Israel. I am trying to explain the right game. Let's hope that they will be successful. Turkiye will have the Saudi Arabian borders opened. It will be good. And the Turks will be able to live freely. If they can make the right decisions. And when I say the right decisions, it means respect the ideas of the others. Saudi Arabia is going to have good relations with the rest of the world, and Turkiye. I hope they will arrange the problem with the Greeks. The Greek borders are very funny, islands are closed Turkey, but this should be arranged in a friendly way. I agree with the Turks about the issue.


I would like to my country of birth, Venezuela. Two presidents of Venezuela were parents of my mother, and one president was parents of my father. So, we are people who love our country, and we should have total relations. The president of Venezuelans made mistakes. And this situation is proof I am here. I should have been released. And because they are in power, but I am not released. They want me to remain in France. The President of France promised to release me to the President of Venezuela, who was a great man, a military man, and died in a strange manner. I think he was poisoned or injured. And now these people in power, they are against me. I really don't know why they are against me. I hold on, I hope to go back to Venezuela.

They declared the main enemy of the Bolivarian revolution in the Communist Party. The Communist Party of Venezuela was the only independent party in Latin America. All the Communist Party leaders were agents of the Soviet Union, except the leaders of Venezuela. I knew them, I met them, it's history, they were pro-Soviet. They were not against the Soviets, but they were not their agents. Officially, the Venezuelan government declares that the main enemy of the Bolivarian revolution is the Communist Party. This is crazy, this is unbelievable. I think Venezuela will correct the mistakes. Venezuela will become again the richest country in the world. I said the richest country in the world. Until Chavez came to power, it was the richest country in the world. And now we're in complete misery. There is not enough water, the communications do not work properly. It's a complete mess. Of course, this is because of imperialist aggression, but also because of the mistakes of the government. We don't know what will happen. But whatever will happen, there will be peace for the Venezuelan people and for all the people of the region.

Allahü Ekber!

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