I am happy for the continuing of resistance of Palestine. The Hamas, I am not a member of Hamas, I am a member of the PFLP. But they are fighting, and they are doing well. And they are continuing fighting, and the Israelis are attacking innocents. They are also pretending that the Palestinians who attacked the troops or the people that are the settlements or whatever. Palestinians are in their own country. They are true Palestinians. And the most majority of the Jews are not of Hebrew origin, they are pretending. They are fanatics. They have nothing to do with this. They are not a drop of Hebrew blood, they are simple. They came from the east of Russia, the other side of the mountains. And the king there didn't want to become a Muslim, as the Turks demanded them. They discovered Judaism and they became Jews. These are the Ashkenaz. And then they went to the west, through Russia all the way, and these are what we are calling them, the Ashkenaz, are not having a drop of Hebrew blood. The Sephardics are descendants from the Hebrews and most of them are good people. They live with the Arabs and they are well, they don't bother us. And the Hebrews of the Palestine, they are for the Palestinian cause. They are our friends.

We have to do something. This war we will win. I am not a Muslim brother. I am not from the same ideology of the Hamas, but respect to the Hamas, and let's hope they will win, with the help of a Shiite kingdom, because the Arab world is governed by traitor Muslims.

It is in the interest of the enemies of mankind. When the Second World War started, Hitler was attacking the Jews. But the Jews established in Palestine. The Ashkenaz Jews established the state of Israel. They were received by, until the end of the war, they were being received by the Nazis. It was a problem. They would travel, come and go, and plan war. This is a historical fact, I'm not telling you a secret. Anyway, Hitler, who hated the Jews, but the father of the father of Hitler was a Jew. A real Jew, from a real family from Austria. And he was an Austrian, Hitler. He was not a German. He liked Germany much more than Austria.

The question is that we are having a situation that the people in power in Palestine (Israel) now, they descent from these people, who were friends of the Nazis, who the Nazis respected. So, I can understand that there are people in Palestine who don't know their, who ignore their origins. They have no Hebrew origins, they have no relation to the Sephardic Jews, they are not bothering us. Which is the Ashkenaz, who haven't got any Hebrew. They have nothing to do with Israel, and they are making all kind of crimes.

Now, the brothers from Hamas, the comrades from Hamas, our courageous brothers, they are hitting the Zionists in a strong way. with the help of the Shiites from Iran. This is something extraordinary. Shiites helping a Palestinian, Muslim. This is something wonderful. Many people died until now, and many of them were really not criminals, you know, they were innocent. But they were in territory they occupied by force, and they were paying with their lifes. Hamas has over two hundred hostages, over a thousand Israelis have died. I'm talking about soldiers. And there will be a thousand more be killed as soldiers. They will kill Palestinians also. They are ready to die, and most of them will be civilians, not soldiers. Because face to face, the Palestinians are more courageous than the Israelis. And now, they want to to everybody to leave, all the Palestinians to leave to the south of the Gaza Strip, because they want to destroy all this. But they mustn’t forget that there are over two hundred Jews who are hostages of the Hamas brothers. And the fact that they are there, if they continue to attack in a massive way, they will kill these people.

Amerika 'Bölünmüş' Devletleri: İç savaşa doğru Amerika 'Bölünmüş' Devletleri: İç savaşa doğru

So, we don't know what will happen. But whatever, we will win, Hamas will win. I hope.

Allahü Ekber!

Carlos the Jackal (Salim Muhammed)