There was someone that are talking about Türkiye in the television, in Channel 7th. It was very interesting question. They were talking about the problem in the South of Türkiye. They referred becoming an ally with Russia and Syria. In fact, the actual government of Türkiye has never been far from Russia. They have always been friends. But there is a conflict between Türkiye and Syria. Actually, this conflict has became since the Republic of Syria was founded. The tension was increased after the civil war in Syria. The Russian intervened issues. The president of Syria was in Moscow. I think, everything will get better that the conflict will finish, and they will become friends again. Ideological point of view is different, this is true. Türkiye is Sunni and close to Muslim Brotherhood, but the government of Syria is Ba'athist that is in Arab nationalist, and especially it is ruled by Alawites. There are respectable people, for example one the greatest Muslim in contemporary history, Usama bin Laden’s mother, was Syrian Alawi. And Laden was a Sunni. He is dead now, but the body wasn’t found. He was assassinated by Americans, and they declared that they threw his body to sea. It is very strange; God bless his soul.

Syria and Türkiye should make peace. The border should be respected from both sides. The Kurdish people who live in not only Syrian side also live in the Turkish side, arrived the region before the Turks. The Kurds were defeated by Iran-Persians. So, they escaped to actual Iraq, and Türkiye, they were not in Syria. After the conflicts with the new government of Türkiye which is in Ankara, they escaped Syria to survive. They were allowed to stay and live in the borderline of Syria in the south of country. Firstly, the Frenches protected them and then also the Syrian government didn’t bother them. The actual president of Syria gave them the Syrian nationality. They have been in Syrian nation, but they had not nationality papers. 

Let’s hope that peace will come back to the area and the government in Ankara will be able to win the peace for the area. And they recognize certain rights of Kurdish people. Don’t forget that Abdullah Ocalan is still in prison. I talked about Abdullah Ocalan because I saw him personally many many years ago in Syria. He was a left-wing man. I think, it is my opinion, President Erdogan should be reelected as president in May, but it is not clear. I afraid that President Erdogan might lose presidency. I think, he will take necessary measures. He is a good man; he is not both pro-Israel and CIA agent. 

There is a terrible situation in Venezuela. But still the Venezuelan government hold on. Unfortunately, there is dirty people inside the government. I hope president of Venezuela will clean up all this mess and we will have really completely nationalist, socialist, patriotic government. The main opposition parties are the Social Democrats and the Social Christians that was founded by cousin of my mother. He was president twice. When he was president, I was brought this country illegally. France had not allowed the Venezuelan embassy to visit me until Isabelle has become to my main defender in 1997. Now they don’t allow again. This is very funny. France is a great country. French people played an important role in history. But there is something wrong inside the government. I am not in the same ideology with the president of France, but this man was elected twice as president. So, he is an important person. As an old communist, I prefer Communist Party would be in power. But they make too many mistakes unfortunately. After the fall of the Soviet Union, even before that, the Communist Party of France elected Mitterrand to power. How can you support Mitterrand? As conclusion they destroyed the Communist Party. I am not a genius, but I see things in an objective manner. Whatever here I am holding on with the supports of my lawyers from France and Türkiye. We continue to hold on and we will win. Because Allah is in our side. Lâ ilâhe illallah Muhammedun resulullah! I am a Muslim!

The revolution was given to Moses, who is not a Hebrew, is an Egyptian from the royal family. And then he unified people who were with him and supported him. They were not Hebrews, they were Egyptians. The revolution comprised in the South of actual Palestine. This is the first revolution. In the north of that area people were Hebrews. They converted to Judaism and conquered Palestine. The revolution basis one God. And then the revolution of Jesus was made. At the end, the last revolution, which comprises predecessors, was made by Muhammed Resulullah. He received Quran from Allah. 

Anyway, we don’t know what will happen, but I think we should win. And I come back to the beginning, the Muslim government in Ankara, I hope they will be able to remain in power. Traitors should go to prison. President Erdogan is a patriot; he is a true Muslim. But he made mistakes. For example; in the last terrible earthquake too many building were destroyed, these buildings didn’t build in the time of actual president, but he could prevent the mess. Someone inside the regime sabotaged the state. There is a risky position that people who are suffering wouldn’t vote for Erdogan. Who is behind this, who is playing these games? Zionists, the American agents? They are the traitors of Turkish nation and Islam!

Allahü Ekber!


Çakal Carlos