The first of June was the anniversary of the Mavi Marmara tragedy. The 13th anniversary. The Mavi Marmara was, as you know, a Turkish ship, that was being used to bring some food to Palestine, to the south of Palestine. That area that is isolated by the Egyptians, and by the Israelis of course. Gaza, the Gaza Strip. So, and this boat, coming from Türkiye with food. There were some volunteers from different nationalities, including one of my lawyers, a Lebanese lawyer, Hani Suleiman, Shiite. And there was a Christian bishop, a Lebanese Christian bishop. He worked for the Palestinian cause. He's dead now. And before they reached the coast, it was at night, it was early early morning the first of June, and they were attacked by the Israeli ships, and Israeli commandos got on to the boat and killed some people. And people were unarmed, you know, because it was not a war, it was an event of solidarity, you know. People were starving in Gaza, in the Gaza Strip. So, they did. Hani Suleiman, who was a great man, a good lawyer, managed to save the Christian bishop. Because they tried to kill him. He managed to save his life. And he saved himself as well. Anyway, this is a terrible crime. First, the Turks are in solidarity with the Palestinian cause. They were doing something that was not illegal, that was not a crime, they didn’t carry their weapons. But they were attacked by the Israelis. This is a human crime. And nobody gives a damn about it. The Palestinians or the Turkish Muslims can be killed, they don't give a damn about it. But we know this, and we will win. Because God is with us.

Anyway, after the issue, Isabel met with the bishop in Beirut. He was a very good man, and you know Isabelle, she was my lawyer at the time we were married. You know, they are real good people. The real Muslims, the real Jews, and the real Christians are on our side. The Palestinian Jews are on our side. There are Palestinian Jews. They have been there for thousands of years. They are against the foreigners who came to make problems in the land. We should not forget that until 1948, there were people from all beliefs, but they were all Palestinians.

Whatever, things are getting worse and worse, but if they keep this criminal government in power in Israel, things will get the worst for the Jews. Israeli Jews who are occupying illegally the Holy Land of Palestine, whatever. We don't know what will happen, but I believe that we will win because God is with us.

Yargıtay Başkanı Ömer Kerkez oldu Yargıtay Başkanı Ömer Kerkez oldu

Today is the anniversary of the birth of Raul Castro Ruz. He was born in Cuba on the 3rd of June, 1931. In fact, he is not the brother of Fidel, he is not from Fidel's family, he is the son of one of the lovers of the father of Fidel Castro, who used to like women a lot and he was always gone. And he saw his little boy, his lover's little boy, the father was a Chinese, let's not forget he was a Chinese, and he brought him home, of course, everybody was very angry but the boys, Fidel and all the others, they all liked the little boy, he was kind, and they kept him as a brother. Because the father said, this is your brother. From the father's point of view, he was brought up like a brother. He has proven to be a true Castro. And he has played a very important role in the revolution, in the mountains, and then in power. And he succeeded Fidel Castro, now he's retired, he's very old now, he's more than 90. We want to come to, there are so many lies, and so many manipulations. And what is the point of this? Nothing. It's just like about me, I am, they have written about, they have published 27, at least, films, series, and documentaries about me. And all of them are full of lies. Some of them are really badly intended, you know. And not a single one has been written for me. It's a very sad. Thank God there are Turkish brothers that are publishing in Istanbul, some of my books. And they are publishing things there, books. They are respectful people, they are in soridarity. And I hope they will be in power for a long time. When I say power, I mean moral power. Because politically, these people, my Turkish lawyers in Istanbul, they are not in power. I am for the government Ankara, I like Erdogan’s government, because at least for the first time, since Turkey joined NATO, Turkey is an independent country. They are not working as American agents, as Zionist agents.

This is very interesting. They reestablish relations with Israel, you know, because they have no choice. But they are not Israeli agents, they are not Zionist agents. And they have protected, 3-4 million Syrians immigrants. But they have done problems with the Kurds. The Kurdish problem has to be settled. And the Kurdish nation has to be recognized as a nation, as a forming part of the Turkish Republic. The Kurdish language should be taught in the school for the Kurds. Of course, all the Kurds should learn Turkish. This is a national language. Everybody should learn. But this is the question.

Don't forget there are minorities in Turkiye. The main opposition leader, candidate to be president, he's lost. He's from a small sect. They are Alevites. They are not like the rest of the Muslims.

We will not know what will happen. But I think President Erdogan will take the necessary measures to bring justice to the country. The Kurds should stop fighting. They are being manipulated by the CIA. This is very sad. They should become normal. The Kurds historically from a part of Turkiye.

Allahü Ekber!