Salman Rushdie who has turned war against Islam, is a traitor

Carlos the Jackal shared his opinion about wounding of Salman Rushdie.

Dünya 19.08.2022, 13:17
Salman Rushdie who has turned war against Islam, is a traitor

I would like to talk about something happened in the US that wounding of Salman Rushdie. He is an Indian supposed to be a Muslim. He did a lot of kind of things against Islam. He is not a real believer, that is not a question. But he has turned on a kind of war against Islam and it is exploited by the enemies. He has got good relations with Israelis. He went to the US before years, and he became the US citizen. He is a traitor, and a Lebanese man has sacrificed himself and assassinated him. Rushdie was wounded.

I want to say that people can think and believe whatever they like, but they should be respectful for the others. Rushdie come from Muslim origin, and that means he can be more respectful for Muslims. But some Christians and Jews are more respectful than Rushdie to Islam and Muslims. Don’t forget 33 years ago shiite leader of the Iran revolution Humeyni gave a fatwa about killing Rushdie.

I am not a shiite, I am a Sunni but some positions I support Iran. Sometimes they are facing the US imperialism and Israel. When Humeyni was expelled from Iraq, I was in there. Then I went to Jordan because of the pressure of Israel. King of Jordan protected us. Israel also pressured to him about us. After that I went to Sudan and the traitor president of Sudan sold me like Usame bin Laden for 50 million dollars to intelligence services of Western countries. They found my house, and I was arrested. What I want to say following, traitors should be eliminated. A man can be unbeliever, it is not a problem. When I was young, I wasn’t a believer. I converted to Islam in 1970s.

I must say something about the law. Imperialists of the US don’t protect their own law. They get a part of Cuba where was occupied by Americans, illegally established a prison in there and they tortured people. They killed Usame bin Laden. He was the enemy of the US, and of course they want to kill him. But they assassinated and threw his body to sea. This is a crime against mankind.

I don’t agree killing people because of their beliefs. But people should be respectful beliefs of the others. Otherwise, they should be eliminated. So Humeyni allowed killing Rushdie. We don’t know what will happen. I said something, and I need to repeat that traitors should be eliminated.

I wait return to Venezuela 3 years ago. We officially demanded to return. The actual Minister of Justice of France was my lawyer in 1995. Minister of Justice of Venezuela said that yes, we want him to repass, but he didn’t do anything. Because there is traitors in Venezuela and they ruined the country. They don’t want to see me. Because they are afraid that as very well-known man by the media, I will have an influence on the Bolivarian Revolution. This people will have to pay for the betrayals. Venezuela is the richest country in the world. Now there is no water in the houses despite the country has biggest water reserves in the world. It is an official information. To find petrol is difficult despite Venezuela has biggest petrol reserves. They are doing strategical mistakes about everything. Corrupted man who penetrated to government, are still in the government and they are making problems. For example, all the reserve of gold of Venezuela was in London. Years ago I warned that the gold should be got back to the Central Bank of Venezuela. They didn’t do anything. Now, England does’t give the golds to Venezuela. This is only one example about the corruption and the illness of the government. President Maduro should be very careful. Because they are betraying to him as well. They also betrayed President Chaves. Many years ago, I was born in 1949 in the richest country of the world. At the end of the dictatorship of Perez Jimenes built houses for everybody. He was a dictator, and he was toppled. People wanted to live better but they didn’t do. For example, if I was here in prison while Peres Jimenes was in power, I would get out long time ago. Because I would like to protect interests of Venezuela. But now, I am waiting about a formality for three years. They don’t do it. The country is ruined because of mistakes. We hope that one day all this will be settled. President Maduro will be able to correct his mistakes and protect the real Bolivarian Revolution.

Allahü Ekber!


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