Carlos the Jackal: Elections in Türkiye and Venezuela

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Carlos the Jackal: Elections in Türkiye and Venezuela

Venezuela, my country is in a terrible situation, and I am waiting for the Venezuelan government to do a right job for me. I send a letter to Venezuela asking my returning to Venezuela. And Venezuelan government send a letter back. They agree my desire, but they don’t say anything. There is a bureaucratic question. French said no, and Venezuela didn’t still answer. My family is trying to do best, but it is not easy.

After President Chavez was killed, everything has got worst and worst day by day. We don’t have somebody like Erdogan in Venezuela. If I go back to Venezuela one day, I will share my experiences and I will help to establish the order. When I was born people were living the richest country of world. More than 6 million Venezuelans went illegally to other countries such as the United States. Of course, cause of the event is imperialist aggression against Venezuela. To say this is very sad but the mistakes of Venezuelans are one of the most important reasons of it.

As everybody knows thousands of barrels petrol is going up in Venezuela but it is believed that Venezuela can extract more petrol and get money more and more. Sorry to say this but we are in deep shit. All the Venezuelans are suffering. My family isn’t in a good situation although they aren’t poor. You can imagine the situation of poor people. Most of the population are living in a misery. The situation began to get better now. Let’s hope the Bolivarian Revolution and the government will survive and will get better as well and do the desire including my return to Venezuela. This is not clear what will happen.

We are going to have elections in Venezuela and Türkiye. The election of Türkiye is a bit later. The elections of Türkiye are very important. Because the government might change. The leader of the opposition who is left wing man, is a good man in my point. But I would like President Erdogan to remain in power. This is not clear because the Americans against him. If the opposition will be elected, they should survive the same line such as the actual government did that includes good relations with Russia and keeping the control of enter of the Black Sea.

Why Türkiye which is a rich country, is in a complete misery. Of course, there is a manipulation, but the government has done some mistakes. Let’s hope the actual government will take some measures and release all the political prisoners who engage themselves to respect Turkish law, combat in a legal way. For example, Ocalan is a Kurd and the majority of Kurds voted for Erdoğan. The United States is using the Kurds in the Syrian side of the border for the intervention in the Middle East. Türkiye is acting very intelligent with remaining in NATO because to be member protects Türkiye. And it is the only NATO country which is not working for the US, it is wonderful.

I come from the richest country when I was born. It is in complete misery now. Because of the mistakes of the government. Petrol production is very low even though Venezuela is the first petrol exporter hole world. By the way Saudi Arabia took a good position lately. They are getting closed to Russia and closed to the regarding the petrol question OPEC. Incidentally, I made the historical operation to OPEC. President of Sudan has sold me to CIA for 50 millions of dollars. The money was given by Saudi Arabia. Because I was unnecessary for them. And now here, I am in prison for 28 years and 10 of it was in completely isolation. They provoked me by turning on the lights at night and I hadn’t slept enough for 10 years. But I hold on! I am waiting to be free and turning back to Venezuela. I want to visit Türkiye.

We don’t know what will happen but things should get better and not worst. But nobody knows. Who know?

Allahü Ekber!



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