Carlos the Jackal: Odessa was shot off by western countries

Somebody from the NATO countries bombed Odessa to prevent this peaceful cooperation between the Russians and the people of Ukraine. Because the government of Ukraine is a shit government. It is the reason of suffering of people.

Görüş 01.08.2022, 18:08
Carlos the Jackal: Odessa was shot off by western countries

Something is happening in Odessa Port. The biggest port on the Black Sea. It is bigger than any Russian, Turkish or Romanian port. At last Russians said, they will allow the government of the Republic of Ukraine to send the ships that are full of grain, concern everybody in the world. Suddenly, somebody bombed Odessa. It is something very funny and look like a sabotage. Putin informed the Turkish government that Russians didn’t bomb Odessa and they want to make traffic but under the control of the Russians first of all. But somebody from the NATO countries bombed Odessa to prevent this peaceful cooperation between the Russians and the people of Ukraine. Because the government of Ukraine is a shit government. It is the reason of suffering of people.

I don’t know what is going to happen. But Russian will win, it is inevitable. Türkiye will win and there will be freedom for all who aren’t foreign agents. In Türkiye, you have a real nationalist Muslim government. And in Russia, there is a real nationalist and as well internationalist government which led by somebody who is Orthodox Christian and he defends the church and the people that are not only the Christians, also the Muslims are protected. So, they are fighting under the flag of Russia. The enemy is trying to stir up trouble. Because they don’t want a strong Russia. They want a Russia that led by corrupted people. The Russian state doesn’t belong to only Russians. It is the largest state of the world and there are many nationalities. They are always respected except people that make problems. So, the society help and support the Russian government about their activities to defend Russia.

There two enemy of the western countries now. These are Russian government and Chinese government, in addition to them of course North Korean regime. This people will never surrender and will never accept western attacks. China is very advanced and now western countries want to stop them. The enemy of people in the US who are controlling the country. The enemy of the people of Britain who is the corrupted man of Turkish origin, will stay a few more weeks as prime minister. They are trying to do best to become people against Russia. But nobody will win against Russia. For example, the Nazis, the National Socialist-Nazi government were very strong, but they lost. The grandfather of Hitler was a Jew from neighbors of Germany. We are living in a world of lies. Türkiye was the only country in history that always protected the Jews. All the Jews were prosecuted everywhere, they were only protected by the Empire of Türkiye. Now, they make problem to Muslim majority government of Türkiye. We hope that President Erdogan will be elected one more time, but nothing is clear. This is very intelligent that he is still a member NATO, and they cannot do anything while his country is a member of NATO.

I like the Greeks. Greece is an important part of the history. But Greek governments that are mostly corrupted right-wing racist, have been traitors to Greece. The conflict between Türkiye and Greece isn’t in interest of the people of Greece and of course people of Türkiye. But we know that Türkiye is stronger than all neighbors they have. We don’t know what will happen until this situation end. But I think, unfortunately there will be more violence.

A lot people was killed by bombings and most of them was innocent in Ukraine. The last nationalist government of Ukraine was the ally of the Russians. Ukraine was established by the Russians. The first Ukraine state was made by Lenin in 1918, he declared Republic of Ukraine. Ukrainians speak Russian dialect, and all Ukrainians speak Russian, but not all the citizens of Ukraine speak Ukrainian. This is a fact! Let them join to Russia, what is the problem?

Odessa will be a target for Russia, but they are not bombing Odessa. They promised to allow the ships peacefully to sell the production of Ukraine. After this happening, there is a bombing. Then President Erdogan was informed by the President of Russia that Russia haven’t done this. I know that President Erdogan isn’t a liar or fool and also President of Russia isn’t a liar or fool. This war will be won by Russia and Türkiye. Because the Black Sea belongs to Russians and Turks. End of the 18th century the Peninsula of Crimea was occupied by Russia.


I am the only person who condemned seven times from the same crime. They don’t want me to be free. Because I am a revolutionary and I defended the Palestinian cause. I repeat, I have to said again, I defended, I executed three times more foreign operations by anybody in the Palestinian resistance. Somebody is against me I know this. And those people are cooperating with Israel. They are working with West. But there are real revolutionaries, and they are not only Muslims. There are Cristian and Jewish revolutionaries. Best operation made by Palestinian was Haifa. Israel lost hundreds of millions of dollars. And a communist Jew was in duty on this operation.

We must have freedom both side of Black Sea and occupied Palestine. Palestine should be a state for all the believers.

We will win the war against the traitors.

Lâ ilâhe illallah muhammedun resûlullah!

Allahü Ekber!


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