Carlos the Jackal: We should be strong and work for revolution!

We should be strong and work for revolution. Don’t forget, Islam is a holy revolution.

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Carlos the Jackal: We should be strong and work for revolution!

There is a special situation in Venezuela. Indeed, Venezuela has in front of the US imperialists and continue supporting Russia and keeping the historical line of the Bolivarian Revolution. This is something good.

I am a prisoner and I am betrayed by high level people in Venezuela. They can ensure me free but they don’t want me to go back to Venezuela so they don’t allow that. But anyway, altogether we are in the right side. And governors of Venezuela made mistakes even before. They allowed the Americans and the Zionists to put trouble Venezuela which is the richest country in the world, is in a difficult situation now. I said it many times and I will say again. Many years ago, I told them that all petrol in US should be sold. It was more than 7 billion dollars in that time. My brother Lenin advised to the minister of oil but he managed to disorganize the reactionary oil fight all over Venezuela. They went on, went on and went on. The simple things to do legally were not done. I said that the gold of Venezuela should be taken back to central bank of Venezuela. Mother of my youngest brother Vladimir’s wife was the director of the Central Bank of Venezuela. His wife is already working in the Central Bank of Venezuela. To take gold to back was legal but they didn’t do anything. And they lost gold. That kind of things should be done, but they didn’t do.

Some people in Venezuela are really traitors. I am not a genius but they are traitors. And this is one of the reasons that they don’t want to me back to Venezuela. The embassy of France is penniless. We don’t know what will be happen but I hope Venezuelan people will protect and improve the Bolivarian Revolution. We should not forget that the presidents of Venezuela Chavez and Maduro are respected by everybody. Russians respected them and they sold weapons to Venezuela. Actual President of Turkey is in solidarity with Venezuela since he became the prime minister.

There was never in history a Venezuelan prisoner have been that kind of problem in prison. Some people in Venezuela don’t want me to go back and they betray the revolution. They want me to stay in France. I shouldn’t be in prison in France. There is nothing against me proofs, witnesses etc. My lawyers know that everything is discrimen about me. They continue and continue. I was sentenced to compensation and I had to pay money. The money was paid to Zionist-Jewish lawyers who organized the compensation against me in illegal manner. They paid nearly 9 hundred thousand euros. This is a fortune. Of course, I couldn’t pay, Ministry of Interior of France paid the money. But they don’t have a right to do it. Everything is illegal madness about me.

We should be strong and work for revolution. Don’t forget, Islam is a holy revolution.

I am not pessimistic about the situation but I am not optimistic now. The world is in a difficult situation. France sells weapons all over the world. France wanted to sell weapons Australia too. But the US blocked the agreement and established an alliance with Australia. This is illegal and France continues to be a member of NATO. The US is going to make a mess. They support insurrection in the Republic of Ukraine. So they caused thousands of innocent people have died. Most of these innocent people were killed by extremists inside the Ukrainian forces and they continue killing.

The Israeli government is very clever. They stand neutral about the war. Russia played an important role in 1948 for Israelis. On the other hand, in the early 1950s they played role on Syrian army till today. They are in Syria nearly 70 years. They have bases in Syria and they help to Syrian army. Baas regime is survived by them.

Another Baas regime was Iraq in which Saddam Hussein made a problem with attacking Iran. He made a complete mess. The result was destroyed of Baas republic. The US army is there. The Kurds are living on the north of Iraq. They are excellent people but some of them are pro-Israeli. They have power in North of Iraq. There was a revolt. This is not shocked the readers of Baran but I should say because history should be known. Problem goes on. All these people in the Middle East are manipulated by the US. Experienced person like me is in prison for 27 years. But we are not afraid and we are ready to sacrifice our all life and to die.

Lâ ilâhe illallah Muhammedün resûlullah!

Allahü Ekber!


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