Carlos the Jackal: The meeting between Maduro and Macron in Egypt

Carlos the Jackal commented the meeting between Maduro and Macron in Egypt.

Dünya 27.11.2022, 10:44
Carlos the Jackal: The meeting between Maduro and Macron in Egypt

I would like to talk about Venezuelan contemporary history. I am a Venezuelan. My mother and my father also Venezuelan. We belong political families. I am the fourth-generation political prisoners in my family. Three presidents of Venezuela were relatives of mine. Two were on my mother side and one was my father side. It is very interesting. I didn’t care about this before, but it is unbelievable. Three presidents of Venezuela from both side of the family...

Until Chavez came to power it was the richest country on the world with the biggest amount petrol for service the whole world up till now. It is official and even the America recognize the quantity. The largest amount of water… No country has more water than Venezuela. There is a lot of inundations. Venezuelans is in a very difficult situation, difficult economical situations. Since now they are getting better.

Something interesting happened. President of France met with President Maduro in Egypt. Maduro was the oldest president. Recently Venezuelan ministers came here to France for some meetings. This is very good. I received news from the embassy the first time in two years. Before they hadn’t recognized and didn’t give right to be recognized to the Venezuelan consulate. Events are getting better.

There should be readjustment on situation of me. I have a visit at weekends, and I have to have two visits. Friends come to see me suddenly. Some of the guards bother me. But I hold on. I have been in prison for 28 years. I was in complete isolation in the first 10 years. Not only isolation, but they also did so many things. They didn’t let me sleep, they turned on light every 20 minutes. Every 45 minutes they look to me. And some of the guards pretend good guard. It had continued for 10 years until decision of the European Commission let me get out from the isolation. I tried to coup with all these stress for 10 years. I am surviving but I cannot continue in this situation.

What happened in Egypt between the President of France and Venezuela and why did Venezuelan ministers come to France? I don’t be affected enough. Venezuela was allowed at last to visit me to young ladies who came to see me. Up till they haven’t called me for months. I will write it to consulate. I have right to call the consulate. All prisoners have right to do this. My lawyers have paid big prices to defend me. Isabelle comes from a rich family. She had a contract with two big international companies when she became my lawyer. She was getting enough money every month. If she was far from me, they would pay her more. She was living very well. Suddenly she got in a difficult situation, and she lost her office. This is because of me. Enemies are trying to destroy me. In Venezuela, unfortunately some Venezuelans including the women vice president who was studying in France, against me. Before she became vice president, she always tried to sabotage my situation not to be released. I hold on and I keep going on. I have never betrayed. I refused all the drugs. Some of lawyers but not my lawyers offered me drugs cocaine, heroin, and hashish. Sometimes guards offered drugs and alcohols. I refused them. They tried all kind of things. They have been informed by traitors that I am drug addict and alcoholic and all kind of shit. Of course it is not true.

I am a communist since I was 14 years old. I became the chief of young communist league in main high school of Venezuela in the center of Caracas. I became communist because of my father. Although there are people who hope to be a socialist government in Venezuela, any other president except from Chavez and Maduro could have been defeated. One of the presidents of Venezuela was a cousin of my mother. Rafael Caldera was died not long ago. Chavez came to power instead of him and he was 73 years old. This is unbelievable, Venezuela is in a difficult situation. There is a mess in whole world. Venezuela faced a big crisis. Some mistakes of the government because of some corrupted people here I am. When Chavez came to power, I could be released years ago by my comrades. I don’t want to tell details, but it is clear. Nothing have done for me and now I am here in a difficult situation. In France, real French patriots are in my side. I was condemned for so many events. I have persecuted because of the claim of killing and bombing people. That shows some of officials in France are working for foreign agents. And there is the same shit in Venezuela. The vice president of Venezuela is trying her best to not let me go back to Venezuela. They are afraid. If I go to Venezuela, I will share my experiences. Venezuelan Communist Party is the only party that not agent of the Soviet Union in Latin America. They are not the agents of the KGB. All the others were working for the Russians. I am very proud to say this because I come from a special country. Venezuela is the first Hispanic American country that declared independence. Simon Bolivar was a mixed blood Venezuelan. Some traitors in Colombia tried to kill him but he was very lucky. They killed secondly command Antonio Jose Sucre.

Whatever, I am here and I am holding on. I will never betray. I am in the same side with Putin and Erdogan. Turkiye is a NATO country but it is a protection for Turkish society. Existence of American bases in Turkiye is also a protection for them. The US did everything for Turkiye kick them out. But Turkiye is protecting its clever situation. We hold on and we hope everthing will get better.

Allahü Ekber!


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