Carlos the Jackal: Lebanon-Israel agreement

Carlos the Jackal commented the border agreement between Lebanon and Israel.

Görüş 20.11.2022, 10:12
Carlos the Jackal: Lebanon-Israel agreement

I would like to talk about the arrangement of sea border between Lebanon and the Zionist State of Israel. It was indirectly supported by Hezbollah. They cannot suspect Hezbollah about working for Israelis and Zionists as traitors. They are the greatest revolutionary Shite group in the Middle East. They supported the government about the agreement. This is wonderful.

The border with Israel will become the border with Palestine in future when we win the war. The people of Palestine is the Jews, Muslims and Christians. We have a state from the Jordan River to Mediterranean Sea. The actual borders of Palestine is Lebanon on the north, Syria and Jordan on the east and Egypt on the south.

Of course, issues are not easy. There is a lot of traitors. These traitors have to be eliminated. They don’t only recognize the state of Israel at the same time they are allies of it.

There was a meeting of Arab League years ago. Some of the people who isolation with Israel they send delegation, but the head of states didn’t come. For example, The King of Iraq, the King of Saudi Arabia didn’t come. All of the betrayed.

There have been so many changes in Algeria that some of these we have to know. Algeria for the war of liberation and the Algerians are patriotic people. They defended the actual borders of Algeria. It is a Muslim country, actually they were never attacking the Christians and Jews. I remember that when I was in Algeria there was a Jewish deputy who was elected mostly by Muslims. This is not as simple as to happen in a Muslim country. There is an actual problem in Algeria because of the government. Everybody don’t support them, on the other hand there is enemies from abroad. At least they are not traitors to the Arab cause, to the Islamic cause and to the people of Algeria who paid cost to die of million people in order to make country an independent republic.

Our Turkish brother and sisters are not as well about history. Another part of the world, new generation don’t know. These historical events are important for young people. When Algeria won its independence, everybody was happy in my country.

We had an ambassador here. He is retired now. His father was a Communist Party Polit Bureau member. He was ambassador of Algeria and Western Sahara. Most of West Sahara was occupied by Morocco. It was a Spanish colony, and it became independent republic, but it wasn’t allowed. Algeria recognized them.

Moroccans are great people. They are mostly Barber. They had a state before any actual states. They have a history that should be respected. Unfortunately, they don’t belong good hands. The actual king who is the son of Hassan II is a homosexual. It is shit. Hassan II was not a revolutionary and he was an ally of Israel but at least he was a man. I hope Morocco will be independent again. They have officially relations with Israel since 2020.

We don’t know what will happen, but I trust in God and I trust the people of the world. We will have patriotic governors all over the world like Cuba, Venezuela and Türkiye that one of the first member of NATO but it tries to have full independent now.

There is a young man who is Jordan Bardella in politics of France. He is officially the new leader of National Rally. His family is Italian originally and they immigrated from Italy to France. National Front had good position all time. It’s founder is still alive but very old.

Whatever, we have to trust in the faith of revolution and all the people of the world will be free one day. I hope patriotic opposition will have an agreement with the government after the elections. And there will be a coalition government in which all the patriotic parties are represented.

Allahü Ekber!


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