I am looking for what to go back to Venezuela soon. I have been in prison for 28 years, and I have difficult conditions. They are trying to bother me whole time. There aren’t normal guards. I will see the director after tomorrow and talk about what is going on.

I would like to go to Venezuela and with my internationalist experiences I could put some order in the country to help the government. I have extra experiences and I can be adviser. Nothing is clear. The Americans are still against Venezuela. There is a new president in Colombia. He is a left-wing man who came from guerillas. There are more than 10 legal American bases which only belong to the US special forces. They have been there to attack Venezuela since Chavez came to power. Now, there is a new government and president. Let’s hope everything will get better and Venezuela will start to get out this mess. Now, although they are an enemy America wanted to Venezuela more petrol. Venezuela didn’t improve their petrol because the American companies who are in charge didn’t give them the materials to make the oil extraction work.

Tha fact that there is a revolutionary Bolivarian regime in Venezuela. Up till today shows that the government can survive. And the Venezuelan Bolivarian revolution will continue. We don’t know what will happen but I’m not pessimistic. Some people who are supported by government, are against me. I don’t know why. My family of decent people, my family from my mother side there were two presidents of the republic of the Venezuela and from my father side there was one president who was a dictator military general and in spite of the situation parents of my father were good governors. After democracy came to power the country get in worse and worse. Now, there is the Bolivarian revolution, and the US is trying to intervene Venezuela and even my family who are not poor they can’t send me money since 2014 because of the blocking of the US. When my brother came to see me, he was enough money to do something. That is unbelievable.

Let’s talk about what is happening in Türkiye. I hope, President Erdogan will continue to be well with Russia regarding Ukraine. His Ukraine policy is good. The opposition in Türkiye that some of them are good people, they are not descent people. But I would like President Erdogan to remain in power for many years. Who knows what will happen in the next election? But we know Türkiye isn’t governed by American agents. We know the Turkish president isn’t a CIA subject. I hope, they are cleaned up the traitor officers and the Turkish army will defend the Turkish revolution. I said revolution because events in Türkiye is like a revolution. Türkiye is in a revolution process.

I hope the Kurdish problem will be settle in a pragmatical manner respecting the historical right of the Kurds within of the Republic of Türkiye. Because there is a risk about dividing of Türkiye. This is very sad so the borders of Türkiye should be protected and respected. We know there is a good government in Türkiye. They try to cope with the CIA and the MOSSAD who would topple the regime. I think and hope, they will not be successful in Türkiye.

I hope the situation will be better in Türkiye and patriotic left-wing opposition power will respect government. The Kurdish war against the Turkish government will stop and historical rights of Kurdish society will be recognized led them live in autonomy recent border of the Turkish republic. President Erdogan should not forget political prisoners. I am a political prisoner in France.

Let’s hope it will get better. Because lâ ilâhe illallah Muhammedün resûlullah!

God supports believer.

Allahü Ekber!