Carlos the Jackal: Russians will never lose!

Comments of Carlos the Jackal (Salim Muhammed-Ilich Ramirez Sanchez) about Russia-Ukraine crisis, imperialism, Venezuella and Ottoman Empire...

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Carlos the Jackal: Russians will never lose!

I want to talk about the conflict which is going on between Russia and NATO. It is already sad because all this about the West interest. The only country is Hungary which isn’t attacking Russia. Hungary led by the rightwing nationalist president. They are supporting Russia on the crise of Ukraine. But whatever Public Republic of Hungary never became a part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. It is an independent country now.

Russian army which led by a Venezuelan general Francisco de Miranda, occupied some regions. Miranda was the provider of independence of Latin America. We have been involved everywhere, Venezuelans are internationalists, this is historical. In Turkey, in the I. World War there were too Venezuelans. There was a colonel, I forgot his name and I talked in the phone him before. They were on the correct side; they were not on the side of the Britain imperialists. We shouldn’t forget that the Turkish Empire was the best empire on the history of world. They respected everybody. Hungary was the part of this empire and all people in this area were respected by Ottomans. The all ways from India to Europe were controlled by Ottomans. They didn’t bother anybody and led them go in safety. But all civilized Cristian imperialist countries exploited people.

The situation was continuous in Ukraine. There was a terrible war in Ukraine in II. World War. On that time Crimea belongs to Russia as well. Unfortunately, a lot of people were deported from Ukraine to Siberia and then Crimean Tatars were deported too by Stalin. Most of them came back but some of them founded their house. There are still some Tatar extremists and they are making problem against the Russians.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has an important position. He has good relations with Ukraine. President Erdogan came to visit Ukraine although the Russians. Russia protected the Armenians; it is correct but Armenian extremists are making problems. I hope that visit to Ukraine of President Erdogan will be in the sense of unity all the countries of Black Sea. All the countries should be respect each other and have to share the sea.

Russians will never lose. They sacrificed millions of people and more people can die to become more powerful Moscow government. This is the character of the Russian people in history. I think it is not the case of the American people. They are brave but they are manipulated.


We are living in very difficult conditions because of the epidemy. Millions of people died and millions and millions of people were contaminated. I and my family were vaccinated. We try to survive. We don’t know what will happen but Allah will choose people who will survive. A communist warrior wasn’t vaccinated. She was sick in Syria and she came back to France. She survive now. I don’t understand opposition to vaccination. It is not the best, I know. All the vaccinations are controlled by the American companies and we saw the scandals. Cuba doesn’t work with them. Russia and Chinese make own vaccines. They left their people in China and Brazil. How do you explain this? Because their governments are dirty.

Because of US and Israel millions of people left their countries from the Sunni territories in Syrians. Some of the will back to Syria but most of them went away. Turkey have right to protect the territory of the Turkish Republic. Not only for Turks, because there are other nationalities who are different origins. They are citizens of the Turkish Republic. Let’s hope to get Turkey stronger stronger and stronger despite of the economical war against Turkey. They are openly attacking to President Erdogan and his nationalist-Muslim regime to protect Israel.

What will happen? We don’t know. But I am not pessimistic. My country is in a terrible situation. I have warned for many years. But the government did so many mistakes. Because of both the economical-financial war and the mistakes of government my country Venezuela has been ruined. I have talked my brother Lenin on the phone. One of the military judges told that US is selling all properties of Venezuela in United States, he said. I know my price because I said they should take it. It just happens now. Years ago, I did it. More than 20 years ago I warned on taking Venezuelan golds from the Bank of England. I love England and respect to queen but not Britain colonialism. It is my second country. I still regret leaving England but I should because I had to go to fighting in Lebanon. Of course, Britain is imperialist and Britain colonialism was terrible. They gave independence to Turkey, India and Pakistan but they managed you know. They also gave independence to Israel. I have never respected any imperialist country expect for Turkish Ottoman Empire!

Allahu Ekber!


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