Carlos the Jackal: An interesting tie between Crimea and Venezuela

I want to talk about the occupation of Crimea the Crimean Peninsula by the Russians in the history. Because it concerns Venezuelan history. This is very strange.

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Carlos the Jackal: An interesting tie between Crimea and Venezuela

There is something going on between Russia and Ukraine. I want to talk about the occupation of Crimea the Crimean Peninsula by the Russians in the history. Because it concerns Venezuelan history. This is very strange.

Crimea did not belong to Russian territory. Crimea was occupied for thousands of years by the Greeks. After that the Turks came to area and Turkish empires were interested. Ottoman was interested too. They did not bother people who were living conquered area. They established the law and respected to people.

After the fall of Turkish-Mongol Empire, Turks gave the order and took their people to Crimia. They were courageous people and they established the Crimea about 14th century. Then they were committed to Ottoman Empire. Crimea was an exit to Blacksea for the Russian empire under Catherine the Great. So it was very important. In 1783, when she occupied Crimea, there was Francisco de Miranda who was Venezuelan general. He was born in 1750. He was 33 years old when Crimea was annexed by Russian empire. That was an important war. As a result of war, Crimea was occupied by the Russian Slav Empire led by a German aristocrat Catherine the Great. She has governed Russian empire after her husband was dethroned by soldiers.

Francisco de Miranda was a young man but he had a fundamental role in the occupation of Crimea. The Russians are Christians because the Greeks were living there more than a thousand years. Russians send them far away from Crimea. Then they allow to remain to Tatars without problem but they were not in power anymore.

Francisco de Miranda is a hero of the independence of Latin America. Francisco de Miranda has also fought in independence war of North America where is named United States of America now. He has been in France during the revolution. His family was not poor and from Canary Island. Then they went to Venezuela. Miranda was born in Caracas. His father was a trader but he was expelled in Caracas because this man was not from the aristocracy. This just the system of Venezuela and all the Latin America.

Miranda fought in France for the revolution as young Venezuelan general. He went to Ottoman Empire. Then he went to Russia and captured Crimea. He won the war in Crimea against to Turks. Francisco de Miranda was a generalissimo.

After that Miranda wanted to turn back to Venezuela. He said, he wanted to liberate Venezuela and all Latin America. He turned back and independence of Venezuela was declared in 1811. Officially Venezuela was became independent country by Francisco de Miranda. At the end he defeated by the Spanish colonialists. Bolivar who was one of the most important man, was supporter of Miranda. But Bolivar arrested him and gave him to Spanish. Three years late he died. This was so bad; because there was betrayal. And it has been done by the greatest man of Latin America Simon Bolivar. On the other hand Bolivar thought Miranda was a traitor. Miranda was one of the most important person of the history of Latin America.

Finally, Francisco de Miranda captured the Crimea. He died in prison because of the great Simon Bolivar. Miranda have good relations with British which is the most intelligent colonial power up till today.


Whatever, the Crimea became a part of Russian empire and the Tatars remained. They did not prosecute by the Russians. They continue to live in Crimea but they were not in power anymore. In I. World War they fought in the Russian side and the war were not good for them. In II. World War they joined to Nazi army and the Crimeans separated. Then Stalin gave a new order to Crimea and Tatars were exiled. After those events, the Tatars always made problem to Russians. Under the govern of Putin, some of them are coming back to Crimea from Siberia. And some of them found their old houses. I think this is good both Russians and Tatars. Because they are great people. Russians are not racist. Unfortunately, Tatars have been manipulated sometimes. Let’s hope more Tatars come back to Crimea.

Now there is a conflict between Ukrainian and Russian government. The war is not a matter, this is not a solution. I hope peace for this area. President Erdogan have a very strong position and he can contribute for peace. There is a Caucasus example and now the Russian government is stronger.

We don’t know what will happen. We hope that President Erdogan to stop the conflicts in Black Sea with his political approach.

Allahü Ekber!


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