Carlos The Jackal: Anyone who is allied with the Zionists is a traitor and should be eliminated!

Israel is the enemy of the Arabs, the Muslims. Now so called Muslim Arab states are supporting Israel after they recognized Israel.

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Carlos The Jackal: Anyone who is allied with the Zionists is a traitor and should be eliminated!

We have to talk about something the intervention of Republic of Russia to Republic of Ukraine. Russia has established and recognized two republics in the east of Ukraine. They don’t want to been in Ukraine anymore, mostly Russian people are living there. Most of them are Russian origin and there are even people like general of Communist Party of Russia. They were Russian origin and they could even be born in Ukraine in the communist time. But there is a difference between now and the past, they oppose never to state of Ukraine in this time. There was a republic of Ukraine that was founded by Lenin was the great leader of Russian revolution. He didn’t divide people; he united them and give rights to people of Ukraine.

The fighting is continuing and something is very strange. Turkey have taking side the same sometimes to keep relation with Russians and they also help a lot to the government of Ukraine. Ukrainians are using Turkish made weapons. This is very interesting. This is very important propaganda to serve all over the world about weapons of Turkey. Because we shouldn’t forget Turkey is in very difficult situation. I hope, the innocent Turkey will continue developing and many countries will buy weapons from Turkey.

We are in a situation that I wonder why Russians proceed too slowly. There must be a reason, supposing that they are looking for something. Anyway, NATO countries all of them mobilize people and they don’t send troops officially because it will create a world war. And the only people in the world are the Chinese and the Russian people who are ready for war. All the other countries people will not accept the war. The Russian don’t afraid to sacrifice millions of people for their political interests and Chinese even more, it is like this. So, we don’t know how will this thing develop but apparently the Russian proceed too slowly I think this calculated directly from Moscow. Because they could finish everything in a week even occupy all of Ukraine, they have it, but they are slowly. I wonder why, what is behind this? I don’t know.

But another thing very interesting, the left-wing government -I repeat the left-wing government- of Germany is mobilized more than everybody else and more than the Americans, the US people and government, against the Russians. This is very strange. It is true that a lot of Ukrainians after the war remain in Germany and the part of Ukrainians extreme right Ukrainians, fascist -it is not good to say fascist because fascist were not crazy people like this- they are there making problems. And I wonder, what is going on.

Whatever I hope that the political line of Comrade Erdogan will be right and I think there must be a reason about his behave. It is very cleverly that keeping good relations with the Russians and keeping good relations with the Ukrainians because the West with Ukrainians and with its government. Ukrainian government is a crazy government. The president of Ukraine is a Jew. He thinks Russians more than Ukrainians. His grandfather fought against Nazis in the 2. World War. Now it is very strange he is against Russia with the allies of the Nazis or those who did not help the Ukrainian people. Whatever there must be something we don’t know, I am in prison, I don’t have opportunity to access to certain sources at eventually there will be more information.

Another interesting event: high level delegation who have came from the United States is still in Venezuela. I said it before, they will allow now they are going to finish all these sancions against Venezuela. This is very strange. The government of Venezuela will not go to American side, they are not traitors. They are allies of the Russians and Cubans and non-agent governments in Latin America Argentina and Mexico and Nicaragua. It is a great Bolivarian government.

Anyway, the revolt against imperialists is not getting worst, I think it is getting better. People like President Erdogan are defending their national interests. Turkish governments were assumed to be agent of the Americans. The Turkish army was working for the United States imperialists. This is not a case anymore. They tried to kill President Erdogan and they tried to topple the regime and it didn’t work. Allah protected him and also, he was courageous. They didn’t execute enough people the traitors and enemies of Turkey because they are agents of imperialists and allies of the zionists. Any Muslim supposed to be Muslim who is allied of the Zionists is a traitor and should be eliminated. Turkey has relations with Israel, this is old you know. But it isn’t working for Israel. And Israeli have to get the relations to play a hypocritical game. They are playing by the actual events like Ukraine and Moscow. President of Russia have friends who have good relations with Israel. And we shouldn’t forget Russia is the first country which recognized the state of Israel. Because there were Jewish communist in Palestine but they didn’t take power in Israel anytime so Stalin made a historical mistake with recognition of Israel and supporting the criminal state. Israel is the enemy of the Arabs, the Muslims. Now so called Muslim Arab states are supporting Israel after they recognized Israel.

For example, Morocco, most of Moroccans are not Arab but Arabic is official language.

So called Islamic state Saudi Arabia doesn’t recognize Israel officially, but even have business and arrangements with Israeli owned security companies. I said it before but repeated because it is important and we shouldn’t forget. Thousands of people were killed on an accident because of this company in Mecca. They supposed to pretend to defend of prophet. I feel very sad while I am talking about this problem. You can be right wing or left wing but a Muslim doesn’t betray to Islam!

We don’t know what is going to happen. Imperialists took cover my country and Venezuela became the first country which had independence first in Latin America. I proud of this. I am in prison for 27 years because I refused to cooperate with imperialist enemies. The US wants me in prison. They paid 50 million dollars to president of Sudan before I came here. Of course, Sudanese people are good people, but imperialists cooperated with the president of Sudan to arrest me.

I am not very optimistic but I am not pessimistic. I believe in God. Lâ ilâhe illallah Muhammedün resûlullah! I think Allah is in our side and we are in the right side and we will win!

Allahü Ekber!


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