Carlos the Jackal: Loss of Erdogan in elections means victory of the US!

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Carlos the Jackal: Loss of Erdogan in elections means victory of the US!

There are so many things to talk about. But there is something interesting I would like to talk about. It is about Abdullah Öcalan. There are two little books in French about the freedom will gain of Öcalan. On the other hand there is a short biography of Öcalan. There is a book that the Roots of Civilization, and it finished in 1999. The author of the book is Abdullah Öcalan. This is very interesting.

A nephew of Abdullah Ocalan is in prison here. He has a book of Abdullah Öcalan. The name of the book is the Roots of Civilization. It is in English. And there is a small political paragraph of Abdullah Ocalan that “freedom will win.” It is very interesting.

What can we say on it. There is an independent country in NATO and this full independent country is Türkiye. It became independent after the rival of President Erdogan. Before that Türkiye was not an independent country. They were the colony of Americans. Now they are still a member of NATO. There are a lot of American bases in Türkiye. But they are not the big boss in Türkiye anymore. Muslims are in power. In the elections majority of electorates especially majority of the Kurdish people voted for Erdogan. Now, there are some problems in Türkiye. I hope, in the next elections Erdogan will manage to remain as President. Maybe the alternatives can be good peoples; but if Erdogan falls from power, detox operation about to kick the CIA and NATO would be prevented. Türkiye, Syria and all the other countries will be controlled by Israelis and Americans. For example; Iraq was a great power but it was manipulated by Americans, and they made war against Iran. Iran is in a struggle with Israel and the US, and it is helping Venezuela. Venezuela have the biggest petrol reserve in history.

We don’t know what is going to happen in the next elections. I hope, President Erdoğan will win but they should notice the realities. Erdogan and his party are true Turks and true Muslims. They should keep Türkiye as a full independent country. There is a Kurdish problem. Most of the Kurds voted for President Erdoğan in the last elections. He won in the Kurdish region. But maybe the same thing won’t happen.

We saw very clever position of Türkiye regarding Ukraine. They sell weapons and Ukraine pay money to Türkiye. At the same time Türkiye have good relations with Russia. Türkiye doesn’t allow war ships getting in Black Sea.

We don’t know what will happen, but I think President Erdoğan will take certain measures. As an example, to reunite all nations inside Türkiye. It is necessary to establish Great Türkiye. Türkiye should not be divided. There isn’t only Turkish nation. There are Kurds and Armenians in the eastern side of Türkiye. The first different Cristian sect of history was grown up in Iraq and most of them are in Türkiye now. There are also different Cristian sects. I think, Öcalan is an important figure to get peace in Türkiye. They can show that Türkiye gives historical rights about Öcalan; because he is an important man for most of the Kurds. For example, why Kurdish people can see Ocalan in Turkish televisions. Türkiye can allow that kind of programs. Most of the Kurdish people voted for Erdoğan in the last elections, but it is not clear for the next elections. Because of that he might lose, and loss of Erdoğan can be a tragedy for all of us. Türkiye can become a colony of the US again.

The weaken of Türkiye is a gift for Israelis and American imperialists. We don’t want that happen. So, we want that President Erdoğan remains in power. And all people, even the oppositions are respected. Kurdish people have all their rights. The elections should be free elections like up till now. There are millions of refugees in Türkiye. Most of them came from Syria. The mess in Syria is continuing. Israelis and American imperialists are the reason of that. Of course, the people who are living in the region, have rights and Syrian government didn’t care about their requests. I was in Syrian first time in 1970. And there isn’t still an alternative. Syria should become an independent country. A pro-Israelis and pro-American new state and government shouldn’t be established in Syria.

Why president Erdogan doesn’t take proper measures. He is a Muslim brother and true Muslim. They are not British agents like many Muslim Brotherhood members. Because a lot of true Muslim brothers was assassinated, then the agents came instead of them, and they are protected. I hope President Erdoğan will win the election but to win the election is not clear for Erdoğan. Releasing of Öcalan can be a choice to strong the possibility of win the elections.

Türkiye has an excellent position regarding Ukraine question and Russia. Türkiye is the only member of NATO that is not CIA agent. They don’t get order from the Americans.

We don’t know what will happen but Öcalan will respect the laws and the constitution of Türkiye and he will be free. Türkiye will get peace.

Allahü Ekber!


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