Carlos: There will be a revolution in the US!

The right to have weapon is about to protect themselves and to protect nation. The mess is going on in the US. And I think, the end of the process will be a revolution of people. Imperialists will be defeated.

Görüş 14.06.2022, 15:00
Carlos: There will be a revolution in the US!

There was a meeting of the Latin American countries in the US. They don’t allow to come three countries. These are Cuba of course, Nicaragua and my country Venezuela. Unfortunately, all the other countries assisted, and they didn’t boycott this meeting. Only Mexico had a position against to not allow participation of these countries, and president of Mexico resisted to join the meeting.

The US is making big problems everywhere. Before this one the crazy man who was the president of the US, was openly corrupted man and he was not in the good side. But the actual one is more diplomatic. Consequently, both are same. They continue making problems. And what is the solution? I think, there will be a revolution in the United States. People of US are great, they are hardworking people, they are not lazy. I repeated many time that the system which based on private banking and private currency, was not built by the US people. Protestant Banks and Jewish Banks who decide on money, rule the system.

The US is a great country but unfortunately the situation is not well. They are making problem everywhere; they continue occupying and manipulating. For example, they manipulated Kurdish people and they caused them to make many mistakes. Abdullah Ocalan is the historical leader of Kurdish movements; so Türkiye should review his situation about free. I think that Americans are so successful about manipulating. Americans manipulated Kurdish nationalists.

Anyway, the US is making problem everywhere, so they lose respect of people. Americans too don’t respect to the US assembly. Because they don’t show respect anything. Usame bin Ladin was assassinated but his body is lost. Where is his body? This is a crime for mankind. Lies, lies, lies… They are repeating lies every time. The leader of al-Qaida Usame bin Ladin was a believer. His mother was coming from a Syrian Alawi family. And his father was a Sunni Saudi Arabic. They did a terrible crime about the body of Usame. His body was disappeared. They show off with that. They keep still an illegal occupy in a part of Cuba. There is an illegal prison. They keep many people in that prison for years. They torture them, then they led them go.

Venezuela and Iran signed an oil agreement for 20 years. That is a wonderful event. The Iranians have a government which is in religious extremist position, and full independent government. It is facing with Jewish Zionists and US imperialists. Like Cuba and Venezuela. Anyway, we are on the right side historically and contemporarily. Our people have to pay price in misery because of the US imperialism. Even the US people are being suffered. They are honest and hardworking people; they are not lazy. Now there is a problem between the people of US that is arming. People should be allowed to have weapons, but they kill other people with these weapons. This is a mistake. The right to have weapon is about to protect themselves and to protect nation. The mess is going on in the US. And I think, the end of the process will be a revolution of people. Imperialists will be defeated. Nobody knows what is going on. Because what we hear from the news, it is not necessarily true. People like my Turkish comrades Aylık Baran who try to publish settle facts around the world, are anti-service of Zionism, US and British imperialism and NATO. Türkiye is a member of NATO but they are not the agents of NATO. Sometimes to be a member of NATO protects Turks. This is a fact.

President Erdogan work so hard. I hope, he will continue to govern. But we don’t know what will be in the next elections. Because the economic crisis in Türkiye can be changed thought of some electorates.

I hope, there will be peace for believers, fedayeens and mujahedeens; not for corrupted people and traitors.


Venezuela have tried to coup with big problems because of the mistakes of government since our martyr president and it continued with the actual president. The reason is lack of good government. There are certain principles have to be respected. Although you have to adopt the reality, the real contemporary historical reality. As an example; Türkiye is doing that between Ukraine and Russia. It is politically so cleverly. The Russians keep the best relations with Türkiye and Türkiye closed the Black Sea. It is not a step against Russia. NATO can’t send ships to Black Sea because of decision of Türkiye.

Türkiye should get out of this trap. President Erdogan should be elected next election again. The opposition should remain place on descent nationalists and anti-corruption policies of the actual government. We have to be patient.

We don’t know what will happen. Only Allah knows what will happen…

Lâ ilâhe illallah Muhammedün resûlullah!

Allahü Ekber!


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