The 6th of January 2024 and I'm going to be 30 years in prison now. I hope this year I will be released and turn back to Venezuela. Situation is very difficult here. The director of prison is very complicated. All the directors I have met were very good people, very decent people. But the actual director makes problems for everyone and of course to me as well. Whatever I survive and when I say I survive it means that I want to continue the struggle in Venezuela. I mean the political struggle. Let's hope I will be able to help the Venezuelan government to get out of the mess in they are. I will be able to see my family. 30 years in prison. There is no proof and nothing against me, but only manipulations. The terrorists keep me in prison.

You know, these terrorists attack often the Turkish government. I am not a Muslim brother, I am a good old communist. But in spite of this the president of Turkiye has one advantage. He is not an agent of the Israelis and an agent of the Americans. And this is something great. Just hope they will be able to survive the situation. The life of the Turkish people will get better. I am not sure that this will solve but only one question I have to say about Turkiye. The problem with the Kurds. The Kurds were in Turkiye centuries before the Turks. So they have some rights. They should be respected and the violence should stop from both sides. There are Kurds in the Turkish government, the Turkish state, it is normal, but the Turkish, the Kurdish, all should be respected. We need to not forget that the Kurds were voting majority for the actual government. I understand the government of Turkiye must be respected, and uses violence, when necessary, but I don't think this should be done in anyway. Historically, there were traitors in Turkiye, who were leading the Turkish government many years ago. And but now the actual president of Turkiye is against the Zionists.

And Russia. It is a world power. The question is the situation in Ukraine is not the fault of the Russians, but it is the fault of the Ukrainian extremists who are controlling the government. Including the Jew, Zelensky’s mother and father were fighters of the Red Army in the Second World War, and now he is fighting against the Russians. It is a Jewish actor. Turkiye is playing a very intelligent game and keep relation with Russia. And Russia tries to remain as a world power. And let us forget something. When they took this position of Russia in Europe, it is not the Russians who are losing. They sell petrol to India, they sell petrol to other countries. Russia don’t need Europe, but they need.

Don't forget that Ukraine historically, was Turkish. It was a Turkish territory, the Turkish empire. They went and they took over what is called now Ukraine. And now there's this man in power, so-called president, is making problems. There's a lot of fighting going on. At the end, they will lose. If the president of the United States in the next elections is President Trump, but I'm afraid he will not be a candidate they will not allow him to. But if he, he will be a friend with the Russians. The United States and Russia should not be enemies, should be friends whatever the situation. We don't know what will happen. Nobody knows what will happen. But things should be better and not any worse.

Allahü Ekber!