I hope I will go back to Venezuela very soon and you will be my guest in Venezuela. I will be in the government.

I want to say something, it is a fashion now to talk about Ukraine and to talk about this Jewish actor who is the president of Ukraine. I want to tell you something, the Russians made a big mistake when the president of Ukraine was assassinated, it was a promotion because.if Ukraine exists it's because of Russia, it's historical you know.Whatever, I hope the Russians will finish with his regime, his government. The president of the United States, the new president will be elected as Trump. There will be changes and Ukraine will not be in the war news like we are now. And there will be a better situation for everybody, including the Ukrainian people. I don't think it's fashionable to talk about Ukraine and Ukrainian people and it's bullshit. I've been to Ukraine ten times. The people are not suffering. They exist because of Russia. The Russians took this territory from the Turks. There was a Turkish empire in Ukraine. They made a mistake, Lenin called Ukraine a republic, it was a big mistake. We have the situation now. The current president of Russia is a good man. The government in Ankara is playing a very clever role in the interest of the Turkish people. Because they will earn more money. Let's hope that after the war there will be peace. And that the Ukrainian government will fall.


I hope to go back to Venezuela very soon and you will be my guest in Venezuela. I will be in the government. I have been a political prisoner for almost 30 years, 29 years and a few months. The first 10 years in isolation, total isolation, isolated from the others. The directors and guards of all the prisons I was in were on my side. Because they could not accept the way they were harassing me. And I was a decent man. Anyway, it's very strange that the guards and the director, all of them, were on my side. After 10 years, I went to normal detention in different prisons, and at the end I came here. Here I am, I am surviving, I hope to go back to Venezuela soon. I heard from my family that the Venezuelan government finally sent the order to take me back to Venezuela. And the French government did the same before. Anyway, you know, there are people against me in Venezuela. Very strange. When you are a revolutionary, you have people against you. 

I've been in Turkey before. Even the president of Turkiye twice asked the president of Venezuela to release me. I am very happy to say this and I thank him and I hope that we will also release the political prisoners in Turkiye. There are political prisoners.

I got this illness caused by all the years I spent in isolation. It affected me. I am allergic to sugar and I have diabetes. It was provoked by the conditions in prison. Whatever. I am here. I am still alive. I am 74 years old. And I hope that there will be a better situation. And I will go back to Venezuela. Because in Venezuela there are people who don't want to see me, people in the government. The president of Venezuela has not been on my side. He's never been on my side. When he was president before, he got a commitment from the president of France, Jack Chirac, to release me. Here I am. He was killed, the president of Venezuela, and Maduro, I don't know why he is against me. I cannot understand it. 

I am going back to Venezuela. And I will help the government and the Venezuelan revolution with my experience. I will work for good relations between the Communist Party of Venezuela and the government. Because now they are considered by the government as the word enemy, more than the right.

We don't know what's going to happen. Nobody knows what will happen. But I hope I will be released. I hope to be free with my family. I will bring my youngest daughter, who has four children now, from her German mother to Venezuela. And buy her a house near the beaches, south of Caracas. And give the children good Spanish and good schools. And I will... We are not rich anymore, you know. My family was rich, and now they are not rich anymore. The country is a mess. The Americans have played a dirty game and the government has made mistakes. I will try to help with my experience, to help the government, to help the Venezuelan people, to help the revolution. I repeat, to establish good relations between the Communist Party and the government. Officially, they say that the Communist Party is the main enemy of the revolution. Can you imagine that? It is absurd. It just needs to be changed. And things should be better. President Maduro is a good man, despite some of the things he has done. He has made some mistakes. That is my analysis. Everybody makes mistakes, you know. But they seem to correct them. And get better. And the Communist Party was a small party. It was the largest party in Venezuela. The oldest party and the biggest party. Of course they made mistakes, so people don't vote for them. But I think I will go back to the Communist Party and things will get better. 

Let's hope that Turkey and Venezuela will have good relations. And don't forget that the Venezuelan president came to Turkey. And that is very good. It shows that the Turkish people are led by a government that is not an imperialist agent. Just like the Venezuelan government is not an imperialist agent. Despite the ideological differences. In Venezuela there are Marxists. There are no Marxists in Turkey. But they are on the same side.

Allahu Akbar