We are going into a terrible question, a terrible situation. Only a question I ask myself. Why didn't Russia occupy Ukraine at the beginning of story? I wonder.

There is a war between in the Russian-Ukrainian border. I must say something. I've been to Ukraine at least ten times. And I didn't like the people there. When you reach the border with Russia, where people were not Russian, but they had Russian culture, they were very kind, and very friendly. And this is a memory I remember. And then the last time I was in the Soviet Union was in the airport of Kyiv. It was a bad memory. But I has got different experiences in the Soviet Union. The result was they destroyed the state, the Soviet Union disappeared. They were making shit. They wanted me to work as an agent. We were friends with them. But to be an agent is something else. Agents can need to betray.

I must say that I support a hundred percent Russia. And that Ukraine should have been freed, The president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych was a good man. He was a friend of Russia. He was assassinated. And then the Russians should have intervened. They did not do it. And, well, this is the hell we have now.

Imagine, the Ukrainians, many of them were helping the Nazis. And the president of Ukraine is now a Jew. And his father and his mother were soldiers in the Red Army. They were good people.

We are going into a terrible question, a terrible situation. Only a question I ask myself. Why didn't Russia occupy Ukraine at the beginning of story? I wonder. They took the very important peninsula. And it was occupied by a colonel in exile, a Venezuelan colonel. He occupied that area. And he was called by the emperor that was a German woman. And her husband had died. So she became a Tzar. And they became lovers. This man, Francisco de Miranda, was a colonel at the time in exile. And he went back. And General Francisco de Miranda was the pioneer of independence of Spanish America. You know, this is very strange, but Venezuelans, we have been linked all over the world. When I think about these Venezuelan historical people including me were involved in so many things. And this is the history of Venezuela. Bolivar created independence of Venezuela, but also Colombia, Ecuador, all the way to Peru. And he was an example for all the Latin American countries. For example Panama was also part of liberated by Bolivar.

We have a situation which is difficult. But still, we have a Palestinian origin president in Salvador and he's making a wonderful government. He's not working for the Americans. He's not corrupt. He's keeping the order. He's bringing peace to the country. And the 90% of population is with him.

Who knows what will happen? But things are difficult. Very, very difficult. Me, I am here in prison in a bad situation holding on, holding on, holding on. I continue resisting. And I don't know what will happen. But whatever, I have good lawyers. Don't fear. My Turkish lawyers, they are very faithful. The main thing is that I keep the moral high. I hope that I will be free. And they should release me soon because the government of France after 30 years in prison and ask the Venezuelan government, the French government asked the Venezuelan government to accept me. And after that, the Venezuelan government is saying yes, it's welcome. Let's hope it will happen. And I will be with my family, my brothers, my friends.

Allahu Akbar!