I would like to talk about something three hostages in Gaza were killed by the Israeli army. These hostages, they're innocent people, you know. Only because they have the nationality they were taking of hostages. And they talked in Hebrew to the soldiers and the soldiers killed them. It is very sad question. It shows the bloody attitude of the Israeli army. Prime minister of Israel is a criminal. We when I say we I mean my comrades that killed his elder brother. Because they were criminals.

Something really very interesting. There is a game of information. First of all the operation to get the hostages were not only the Hamas there were four organizations. One of them the PFLP to perform for the liberation of Palestine. It was my organizations in 1970. I was the first foreigners to enter the Palestinian resistance as a member.

The three men were shot. They were keeping white flag and talking in hebrew, but soldiers shot them. If these soldiers are already shooting just everybody just speaking to them and it means they are criminals, they are there to make massacres to kill to kill just to kill. They now kill more than 15 000 people, innocent civilians were killed.

Whatever they do they will not occupy Gaza. Gaza is a part of Palestine and is defended by the Palestinian resistance, first of all by Hamas, but also by the PFLP and two other organizations. I repeat, the PFLP took part in the capture of these hostages. But it is not a secret. But they said it once or twice, and they don't say it anymore. It's only Hamas, because they are Muslim brothers. And I am not ideologically the same as Hamas. But I support Hamas. I am an old communist. I am the PFLP. The PFLP to perform for the liberation of Palestine, is a Marxist-Leninnist organization. And don't forget that the PFLP has made more foreign operations than any other organization in the Middle East.

We have criminals in power in the occupied Palestine, in Israel. And these people, this is the proof of their behavior, their irresponsibility. And it comes from the way that not all Israelis are criminals. Of course, there are some decent people among them. But those who are in power now are criminals. Those are the criminals.

Palestine will be released, and we will have a Palestine for the Muslims, for the Christians, and even for the Jews who want to respect the others.

Who knows what will happen? But I am positive that they will be able to do Palestinian resistance again.

Lâ ilâhe illallah Muhammedün resûlullah.

Allahü Ekber!