I will talk about Ukraine but I want to say something about Venezuela before Ukraine. The 5th of March is a very important date for Venezuelan communists. The Venezuelan Communist Party was founded on 5th of March in 1931. Venezuelan Communist Party was the only communist party which was not steered by Moscow. Of course, they were not against Soviet Union but they didn’t receive order from them. All the other parties in the highest level were controlled by the Soviet Union. The Cuban’s were responsible for all the Caribbean area and they were getting order Moscow directly. And the Brazilian Communist Party was controlled by the Soviets too. Only the Venezuelan Communist Party was completely independent. And I am proud to say that, we the Venezuelan communists were expelled from Russia because they tried to make agents. This is why I am reserved in prison. KGB closed the other doors to interview in not only Soviet Union even in Arab countries to have me arrested. Eventually I am here in prison by illegal way.

Today is 6th of March and it is the date when I saw my father weaken first time in 1953. He saw the newspaper and began to cry. We were in the garden and I was 4 years old. When he looked the newspaper he saw Stalin was dead. Joseph Stalin was dead on 5th of March in 1953. I am convinced of this Stalin killed Lenin who was the greatest man for all communists. Stalin had eliminated him and we had the mess in Russia up till President Putin came to power. Putin rebuild great Russia again. How can you explain that a Jew president of Ukraine is an ally of Bandurists. These people killed so many Jews during the II. World War. How can we explain this? Strange things are happening.

Essentially US and other NATO countries will win the war but people will suppose Ukraine win. These criminal imperialists are enemy of mankind and Ukrainian. Somewhere of Ukraine will be destroyed and many Russian soldier will be killed. Turkey has very interesting role in the war. They seem like supporting Ukraine. And they have good tactical relations with Russians. They closed to entry to Black Sea for everybody including the Russians. It is not only related with Russians; Turkey defend Bosporus to prevent NATO ships to enter into the war too. This is very interesting. Everybody said Turkey don’t allow Russian ships to enter Black Sea, but it is not important, because they a lot of ships on the Black Sea. At the same time the meaning of this event is that NATO ships are not allowed. God bless President Erdogan. This great and very intelligent man is making efficient policy. Of course, they have something disagreements and conflicts with Russians in Syria and Armenia and etc. But they have common tactical interests. We shouldn’t forget that Turkey was protecting all the populations under the control area of Turkish empire at the time of Sultans. They respected all religions and all believers not only Muslims. After the collapsing of Turkish empire terrible mess was happened. The terrible conditions continued up till today and it is not only for Muslims, it is for everybody. Turks respected everybody and they executed the law. We have a gain President Erdogan and I hope he will win the next elections. Of course, there is some great people on opposition too but this isn’t enough to change the government and it should go on. I hope we will see converting of the situation of conflict to peace.

Everything is getting more expensive day by day. A barrel oil passed over 100 dollars. I suppose, Venezuela was the richest country about oil in the world and now a mess in there. Even my family who are living in a villa and have good condition effects from this and they have problems. What about the normal people? 90 percent of people live in misery. To allow that thing to happen is the biggest mistake of Venezuelan government. They didn’t bring properties of Venezuela from outside. I warned about that to sell all Venezuelan properties in the US with normal prices in 2002 via my brother Lenin on the phone but government didn’t do anything and Venezuela has ruined.

My other brother Vladimir was working in the Venezuelan Central Bank and mother of his wife was the director of an important department of Central Bank of Venezuela. I told Venezuela should get back the golds from Bank of England 20 years ago. They didn’t do anything. When I warned, President Chavez was in power. He was surrounded by people who were not sufficient. They were enemies of Venezuela. There are some traitors and they are working for the US. They could be exiled but government didn’t do nothing and they get complicity. We don’t know what will happen but whatever will happen at the end Venezuelan people will be victorious. And people of Turkey ought to be victorious.

Allahü Ekber!