I wrote a letter to the President of Venezuela. It should be given to him. I hope, they will do something for me. There is the embassy’s working. I said it before two consul ladies came to see me, and up till now they didn’t call here. I don’t know what kind of sabotage was made here. My situation isn’t very easy. I have to change service again. This is a mess. I don’t understand why they bother me. Because I have been in prison for more than 28 years. I have never made problem. The directors are always in my side, they are solidarist. Only once there was a Jewish woman that made problem in La Sante Prison. Whatever I am surviving, in this very cold weather I go out once in a day for an hour, and I am walking around the court.

In Venezuela, there are members of parliament that are in solidarity with me. Unfortunately, the Vice President of Venezuela Delcy Rodríguez is against me, but I don’t know the reason of. She is also against my brothers since she was not to be elected. There is no reason. When Chavez was in power, she was in Presidential Palace, and she was rude to my family, my brothers. She became a minister after President Chavez was killed with an assassination. The Vice President Nicholas Maduro became the president after Chavez was died and in 2018 Rodríguez became vice president. Anyway, I am still in prison. But this is not a question, the question is related with solidarity. The ambassadors have been correct with me because there was a war against Venezuela by NATO. Now they are trying to calm tension down. I don’t know what will happen, but I hope that Venezuelan Government and President Maduro will be able to remain in power for a long time, in spite of the Vice President I will get better rights.

I don’t know what is going on. You know, I don’t want to go to conspiracy theory. But it is clear, some people are against me because of some reasons that I don’t know. I hold on. Most of the guards especially the old ones are very kind against me. I am joking with them. They are very polite and solidarist. Even if I am prison, I am a good and joking person. But here in prison, I try to survive. There is a lot of new people coming. There is a mess which I have never seen before.

“Biz”im yeni dünya düzenimiz “Biz”im yeni dünya düzenimiz

Sometimes ago I talked with the secretary of Communist Party of Venezuela. There is a lady that a director of Communist Party. They are solidarist. But at the same time, they are considered by the government, by the president, by the vice president as the enemy of the Venezuelan revolution. I mean the right-wing parties or the social democrat parties against the movement aren’t considered as enemy by these people. Because they are real revolutionaries. I said it before, all the communist parties in Latin America were working for the KGB. Venezuelan Communist Party is the only party that is completely independent in Latin America. They don’t receive order from Moscow. We are not anti-Soviet, but we also are not Soviet agents.

Venezuelans are special people. We were the first country become independent from Spain. We had great leaders for example Francisco Miranda who is Spanish origin Venezuelan general. And great Simon Bolivar was Venezuelan. Marshall Sucre was a Venezuelan. These names are enough because they are historical people, they opened the way of liberation of Latin America from Panama to southernmost.

When the Russian army conquered the south of Ukraine, a Venezuelan anti colonialist coronal occupied the territory of south of Ukraine. Crimea became a Russian peninsula. The emperor who was a German origin princess, called him and she gave money and documents to him. He turned to Latin America via Europe, and he liberate Venezuela with this money and documents. Now there is a mess in Ukraine. The US is fighting against Russia, but they will never win. The Ukrainian fascists are ally of the President of Ukraine that is a Jewish comedian. The US and European countries spend thousands of millions of dollars to attack the Russian government that is an ally of Venezuela and Cuba. They are in the good side, and they support Palestinian cause. And they defend Syria.

The government of Turkiye is a good government. I have respect for it and the president. Unfortunately, they had to intervene the US bases on the north of Syria. I support Kurds, they have national rights, but they manipulated by the US and Turkiye had to intervene against the Kurds. Turks came after Kurds but they became the main power of the area. The Turkish Empire were respectful for everybody. This is something extraordinary. After the collapse of Turkish Empire, a catastrophic process began for the nations living on its border. Now the mess is going on. Americans killed thousands and thousands of innocent people. They tried to topple the regime of Syria. They were supported by Iran and Russia. Russians have had bases in Syria since 1960s. The US and Israel wanted to become Syria a colony such as other Arab countries. The only country in the area having relation with Israel was Turkiye for many years. But now the Turkish government isn’t an agent of Israel, they reestablished the relations with Israel because they have no choice.

I think, people of Turkiye and Venezuela will keep their independence. I hope so. The richest country of the world Venezuela was a difficult situation, but it is becoming well. Because the US needs the petrol of Venezuela because of the Russia-Ukraine war. Erdogan is in solidarity with Venezuela. We will win, not loose and I hope I won’t die in prison.

Allahü Ekber!