I followed the news about some problems of the Wagner team. I met the Wagner members the first time in Khartoum, and they recognized me immediately. The Wagner organization were working for the KGB. They used these people. For example, the bombers in the south of Sudan were moving the pilots were all Russians of this organization. And this is not a new thing. It is something very old. And they are everywhere in Africa, and they make things. Russia couldn't intervene directly. They used the name of Wagner.

İslam hükümlerini yok sayıp idam cezası istemek - İbrahim Tatlı İslam hükümlerini yok sayıp idam cezası istemek - İbrahim Tatlı

Now, something surprising. I saw it that the Wagner leader were attacking the Russian army. Of course they lose. Because you have to respect the Russian army. They are patriots. And Comrade Putin is a patriot. He defends Russia. And he defends the friends of Russia. Putin is the president of Russia. He's not anybody's agent. Russia is a very strong country, and everybody called imperialists are attacking them.

I am in prison and the Russians didn't close all the doors to me. The Syrian president had accepted the demand of the American president and he had expelled me from the country. In fact, I didn't do what they wanted me to do. They wanted me to go to Lebanon. Of course, I didn't go to Lebanon because they were waiting for me in Lebanon. So, I went to Jordan. I didn't go to Iraq. No way to go to Iraq from Syria. And I went to Jordan because I was being invited by the king of Jordan, King Hussein. He had invited me a couple of years before that. And when I was in Jordan, I was protected, I was respected. And I don't forget this. The actual king of Jordan, he was a prince. We were expecting him to become a king. He is king now. And God bless him. And he was very polite with me.

To attack the Russian army is to attack the essence of the Russian people. Because the Russian army is a popular army. There are no mercenaries. There are professionals, of course, and good professionals. There are no mercenaries. And I'm afraid this man the leader of Wagner, he thinks he's going to be something and he's going to be wiped out. Chief of Wagner had the wrong choice, and they were defeated. Let's not forget that the Russian security up to today is the best security in the world. But something has changed.

Most of the European countries, NATO countries and those who want to become NATO members, they are supporting the aggression against Russia. Because the hell the Russian people are more respected by the government than in the Soviet times and they want to cancel the situation and ruin them. They want to play games with Russia. But why they try to do this? I can understand it is an ideological question. But this is unbelievable. They want to break Russia, but they will not break Russia. Russia and China will win and the dogs of the Americans will lose.

France is in a double game now. I don't know what's going on. France was independent in terms of president General De Gaulle. De Gaulle was friend of Russia. He was right wing man. He was not a communist. There was a huge communist party in France and the communist party played a very important role in the defense of the nation. A special service of the communist party of France worked for the Palestinian resistance with the PFLP. I am a witness to this. Now the communist party is smaller and they made many big mistakes. Whatever I still like them, I know they are nobody’s agents.

Putin will clean up some dirty people in Russia, including the Wagner. As I said, I met Wagner members once in Khartoum. And the two men said, this is Carlos. And they spoke to me in Russian. They recognized me. I suppose that was 1994. I have betrayed and sold for 50 million dollars in Sudan. They wanted to pay the same money for Usame bin Laden but he managed to escape from Sudan to Afghanistan. Because the Saudis were paying the money and they paid 50 million dollars. They didn't want to get him to their country where the Americans could catch him. But they kept the money. The president of Sudan, that traitor, kept the money. And these 100 million dollars, it were found in his house. It's a fact.

Whatever, I resist, I hold on.

Allahu Akbar!