Our comrades are doing good work. The government is not openly with them, you know. But they go on to stand in the right side. I got the two issues of Aylık Baran.

The President of Venezuela, Maduro, went to visit the President of Turkey to congratulate. And before that, he was in Brazil to congratulate Lula. Ideologically, they are not on the same side. President Maduro is a is linked to the Trotskyite Lambertist. And President Erdogan is a Muslim militant. And in spite of this, why these people are congratulating with each other? President Erdogan also went to Venezuela and he went to a few Latin American countries, and he proved to be solidarious.

We must understand something. I know there is a problem with the Kurds. The problem is not settled. And I must say something, I must repeat it. The Kurds have rights as well. But you cannot divide Türkiye into several republics. It is absurd. So, some of the Kurds in Türkiye have to stop the military struggle to become Turkish citizens like everybody else. They might be against the government. But I understand that most of the Kurds was voting for Erdogan. Not in the last election, but in the two elections before. So this is very strange.

Türkiye is settling the problem with Syria. Syria is being aggressed by the imperialists. And there are still the U.S. troops in the northeast of Syria. And you have the pros who are making problems still. Some of them are left in Syria, all these things will be cleaned up, I hope. And people will be able to fight in a peaceful political manner. I lived in Syria for many years. My youngest daughter was born in Syria, in Damascus. But we are not citizen of Syria.

We should continue the struggle. And the struggle means war against the enemy, the imperialist enemy, and the agents, and the Zionists of course. Unfortunately, so important are our countries are recognizing the state of Israel. Not just Egypt alone, but other countries as well. And President Erdogan inherited the Palestinian cause. Because he was not working for the Israelis. But it's a complicated because of the relations of states.

I divided people two categories in the world. Pro-Israelies and people against Israel. President Erdogan is against Israel. And the President of Venezuela is against Israel. And the President of Brazil is against Israel. And the comrades in Moscow, they are not with Israel. Already Israel is openly helping the Ukrainians. I've been to Ukraine about ten times. The last time I was in the Soviet Union, I was in the airport of Kiev and the security people came to see me, to look at me. They were polite. They were not rude. And I still remember. I went many times by train. The Ukrainians were not very friendly until you reach you reach the airport provinces that have joined Russia. And their people are friendly. It's very strange. But nothing against Ukrainians. They pretend to get back the peninsula, the Crimia Peninsula. But there has never been Ukrainians. Historically the population, many of them were sent by the Turkish Empire. And they have paid a big price of their position. Ukrainians choose to use it. The peninsula was given to Ukraine by the Soviet Union. It should become a part of Russia. Because it was captured by a Venezuelan colonel, Francisco de Miranda. And he gave it to the for the emperors of Russia. Because he was working with the Russian military officers. And we are linked, historically, to these people. Don't forget that Francisco de Miranda was the first leader of the independence of Latin America. He also fought for the independence of the United States. He fought for Russia to occupy the peninsula. He was a close friend of Russian emperor. He was born in Venezuela, Spanish colony, morning of war. His father and his mother are Spanish, poor Spanish. And Russians gave money to him, and with this money he went to Venezuela to fight for the independence of Venezuela. So, the independence of Venezuela was with the money of the Russian empire, which we should not forget. We are linked to Russia historically as Venezuelans.

Russians are ine the right side. Look what's going on now. We are friends of Türkiye, Russia. And they have differences. The Russians are not Muslim. But the Muslims in Russia have always been respected, even in the time of the kingdom. They have always been respected. And the Soviet Union was very hard with the Christians and but not the Muslims. The Muslims were respected. And they were citizens of the Soviet Union, and they were okay. And they were faithful. They joined the army, they were faithful to the Soviet army. And now, most of them became independent country. But they are friends of Russia. Unfortunately, there are some people who are making problems. They were not successful. They will be defeated. They are trying to fight against the Chinese.

Kör Yahudi Kör Yahudi

We have to be very careful. We have to study history of the old times and not forget that history repeats itself. Not always in the best way, but it is. And I hope there will be freedom for all the Muslim countries and freedom for the Russian population. We have a problem between Russia and the Ukrainian government. They are Banderista that came from Bandera. These criminals, they killed so many people. The Germans, the Nazis were not killing the Jews. They were deporting them to the concentration camps, and many died there. Not 6 million people this is not true. This is a huge lie. But maybe a million or something like this. And most of them survived. And in spite of this, they continue with the lies of the manipulation to exploit the death of innocent people for political reasons. This is a crime. And this is what's going on by Israel. The Israelis are not Semitic. This is what we call the Ashkenazi. And the people in power in Israel are the Ashkenazis. They are not the Sephardim. Yes, Sephardims came from originally Israel. And those who remained in the state in Palestine, they are solidarity with the Palestinian cause. And they are against the Israelis who pretend themselves to be Semitic. Those who are in power. The president of Israel is a dirty man. His older brother was a colonel. He was killed. I said this before, I'll repeat it. Who killed him? He was shot by a woman, a German comrade in the revolutionary service. And the German comrade was pregnant, five months pregnant from me. He was carrying my child. She shot three of them. First of all, the elder brother of actual prime minister of Israel and two others. My family, my comrades should be respected, they were good and they were courageous.

I will mention about a manipulation. There is a comrade, a Swiss comrade, who disappeared. He was hijacked by the Americans. He didn't talk. He was tortured to all the way. But he refused to talk. And then they took him to the main Soviet airbase in Hungary. There they put him in a chair. He was a tough guy. They gave him a blow and he fell dow and he find a way to kill himself, he died. And now the stories are coming right and left, that he is cooperating with the enemy, that he is alive somewhere. And even books are written about this. It's all bullshit. He's a martyr for the Palestinian cause. And I think the truth will appear eventually.

Let's hope my comrades in Türkiye will be able to adapt to the condition of the Turkish government. And at the same time, of course it is not to have the same ideology, but to be on the right side. And they are on the right side with the publish of magazines and newspapers.

Allahü Ekber!