They made some problems to me here. I will talk about it.

I am a political prisoner. The status of political prisoner is not respected in France. They don't consider that they are the status of political prisoners, the speciality of political prisoners are treated different from the others, worse even than the others. They have done something very strange not only for me for everybody in prison. They put an electronic tablet, it's a sort of computer where you order once a week the thing you want to buy. How to use these things it is very difficult and I don't really know how to use it very well. Because this doesn't work well and I had to do it with the help of guards, kind guards downstairs not in the first floor. But the first floor and they opened two cells for the people who for the tablet so you can't do it in your cell, you have to do it new cell.

They spent a fortune, millions and millions of money to buy this things, why? There is something behind and this is absolutely corruption. Imagine that some prisoners cannot even feel when they want to order something to eat or something. They cannot feel it, they don't know how to write it, they don't know how to read it. What about the electronic tablet?

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We hold on, I will know how to use that thing, it's not so easy and we will see what will happen now in prison, instead of opening the doors and respecting people, they close the doors and they spend money in this kind of prison which is not very necessary you know. This is the corruption of the system where the guards are paid bull salary, they spend the money in all the prisons in France.

I don't know how is in Turkiye, I guess Turkish prisons are not so good but I don't think they have this kind of question. We survive, we hold on, when I say we I say all the prisoners, not only the political one, I am the only political prisoner here. I don't know there is a second one, there is a guy who was in Syria with the Jihadist organizations. He is a good man, an African. It's not my problem he is a kind man and I am kind with him, he is a Muslim, a true Muslim. There are not so many true Muslims in prison, most of the people or half of the people come from, are supposed to be Muslim but they don't know anything about Islam. It is very sad but it is like this.

Next month, August, I will be 29 years in prison. They brought me to France, the CIA organized this, it was done by the French agents of the CIA and I was theoretically arrested in an airbase, French airbase near Paris and they put this, because they have no right to arrest me in Sudan. The president of Sudan, general, who was supposed to be a Muslim, sold me for 50 million dollars. This is the record, up till now, nobody has been sold for such an amount of money. There was also Osama Bin Laden but the Saudis paid for it, because it was paid by the CIA, the CIA kept the orders to the Saudis paid, but they didn't want to get Osama to Saudi Arabia because the father of Osama Bin Laden was very close to the king. So they get the money, but he managed to escape, he just took a plane and eventually went to Afghanistan. He made the CIA pay for the crimes, this is the great operations against the World Trade Center. Unfortunately because of the shit behavior of the security of the building, innocent people died and they should not have died, they should not have been able to live like this. Many policemen died, many policemen went inside to rob, to steal and there was the CIA or the FBI, I don't remember near the World Trade Center, and it was destroyed, and many people died over there. Osama said something with the operation.

The United States people are respectable, hardworking, but the regime is a corrupted the regime. The United States people they are good people, hard working. How can this people come, the system allow these people to come. The media is controlled by the enemy of the people and so, it happens, continues, and I think the manipulation of information of the media all over the world is getting an example from the United States’ corruption. United States people are great people, hardworking and they deserve what they earn, and they should get even more. But the system is such, the capitalist US system is such, that it doesn't matter and the people in the United States, in normal they don't notice, most of them are not conscious of the crimes committed by the United States all over the world. Let's hope things will not get worse. And there will be shocked in the United States. Of course things will get worse because of the shock, before getting better and this is for benefit of American people. I am also an American. My ancestors arrived to America before the ancestors of the United States people. They are allies of the corrupted regimes, all over the world, the dictatorships, the criminal regimes, they are allies. It is unbelievable, but it is like this. It is very sad, you know, and they talk about democracy, they talk about this, they talk about that, they don't respect anything. The United States people are great people, the United States is a great country, but the United States governments is dirty. I am not against the United States, I visited the United States twice when I was a child. But the system, the capitalist, imperialist system is very bad. One day there will be a revolution and the United States people will be conscious of their rights that are not respected, and will be free, and the rest of the world of the United States imperialism will be free as well. And we will all be friends of America. I am not joking, I am talking the truth.

Look with Turkey, the Turkish regime is not 100% correct, but they are not foreign agents. They don't work for foreign countries. The Americans don't like them very much, and also in Europe they are making problems to the Turkish government. I repeat, that is not a regime whose ideology I share but they are independent, they don't get money from anybody, and they are Muslims, true Muslims. I am not a Turk, and my Turkish friends would be better, they were in power, but it is like this. There is no happiness in actual life, and we hope that there will be a better one.

Lâ iâhe illallah Muhammedür-resûlüllah!

Allahü Ekber!


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