17th of April is the day of Palestinian Prisoners. I am one of the Palestinian prisoners who have been longest anyone in prison. There is another Palestinian prisoner who is in prison longer than me in France. He is George Ibrahim Abdallah. He is originally a Lebanese Cristian. But he and his family are in good side. He is in prison till he would die because of claim of killing France Embassy officers of Israel. But there is nothing against him. Particularly he is in prison because he refused to cooperate and he holds on. He is very clever and courageous man. I have never meet him. I remember him from PFLP but he wasn’t responsible, he was very young man. He has been in prison for about 40 years. There is an organisation for Palestinian prisoners but they don’t help to him. Those people in the Palestinian resistance are supposed to be solidarity with the fighters of Palestinian cause.

When there is a national struggle or a revolution or both, there are some people who are not enemy agents but they are protected by enemies because they are not revolutionary. This is happening in the Palestinian resistance. There are thousands of prisoners and every day Palestinians are killed. Israel is attacking holly places in Jerusalem. On the other hand, Arabs supposed to be Muslim governments are supporting Israel and some of them have open relations with Israel.

For example; Morocco has official diplomatic relations with Israel. Israelis help them about security and intelligence. Homosexual king of Morocco is in openly relations with Israel. There is a minority government in Bahrein. The most population of the country is Shiite but the minority government of Bahrein depends to Vahhabit Saudi Arabia. And there is also a long bridge which was built by Saudi Arabia government between Saudi Arabia and Bahrein. They have officially relations with Israel. This is unbelievable.

Any Muslim that is a relation with Israel should be eliminated and executed, we should apply to Sharia law to them. Turkey has also very old relations with Israel. The president of Turkey keeps a good position, good Muslim and patriotic position regarding this criminal state of Israel. He is the president of NATO member country such as cannot back relations with Israel but cannot cut officially relations. To be NATO country is shit.

France also is a NATO country. They are openly in wrong side about Ukraine. There are some people who were especially killed Jews with the Nazis during the II. World War in Ukraine and they are still there. And now there is a comedian Jewish president in Ukraine. He is on the wrong side. Last week a Russian ship was hit by a submarine. It seems as a British submarine. If it is case, it will be catastrophic for the British. They will be pay a very big price. They are against strong independent Russia. We know their attitudes for example about Palestinian cause or Venezuela.

I should be released; I should be freed. Lambertist Trotskyist in Venezuela are working with CIA. The government is not utterly CIA agent but they did a lot of mistakes and finally the country is ruined by the Western sanctions against Venezuela. The government had allowed things to happen. Why? Who are the traitors in the government? They didn’t bring gold reserve of Venezuela from Bank of England. In 2002, I warned them about bring all golds to back. Mother of my brother Lenin’s wife was the director of the Venezuela Central Bank. I repeat that so many times but I should remind. All oil properties of Venezuela in the US should have sold. They didn’t do it too. Venezuelan people and I pay for it. Because they betrayed me. This is life; this is a very difficult life.

Whatever, still the Bolivarian regime continues and Venezuelan government is supporting Russian government. This is a good thing. They supported Cuban government and they had sent petrol to Cuba. They keep relations with Iran. In spite of religious differences, I should say that Iran is on the right side. They are shite and I am a sunni Muslim. They have resisted aggression of imperialists and Zionists. They have good relations with Russia and Turkey; although there is a Sunni government in Turkey. The president of Turkey is a Sunni militant but because of the right position of Iran he does not attack them. Don’t forget that Turkey is still a member of NATO. To remain in NATO should be better Turkey. On the other hand, they want to be a member of European Union but they don’t allow Turkey becoming a member. Negotiations are going on and going on.

I don’t think that Turkey allowed a British submarine to go into Black Sea. But it will be officially declared in the next few days. Whatever Turkey is in the right side. I want to remind something about Kurds. All the Kurdish prisoners should be freed and they should agree respect to law.

Russia will win, Turkey will win, the actual government of Turkey will win and seen will get better in Turkey. There will be no more political prisoners. Traitors who are working with Americans -you know who I am talking about- should be eliminated.

I should remind that I am a Palestinian prisoner and Lebanese Maronite Cristian Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is a Palestinian prisoner. We hold in prison. There is no proof and no witness against us. Unfortunately, there are some responsible people who are supported by Israel and the US.

Long live Erdogan and long live PFLP and long live Venezuelan Bolivarian revolution!

Long live in the heaven the martyries of the cause!

Revolutionary regards to President Chavez, Wadi Haddad, George Habas and the President of Algeria!

We must not forget that the fear is not our side, it is on enemy’s side.

Allahü Ekber!