I don't know what will happen. I don't know what we will do. But I think victory is in our side. Palestine will be freed; all Palestine will be freed.

We can talk about what's happening in Palestine. Hamas is doing excellent work, wonderful work. They brought Israel to its knees. All the imperialist countries, United States, Britain, also France are supporting Israel, and they are not on the right side, and they are not doing things properly. People are not receiving them well. The President of the United States was supposed to visit Jordan, to visit Egypt, and the meeting was stopped. They don't want to have him there, it's not the moment.

I am an old Marxist-Leninist, PSLP member, and I support the struggle of the Gaza Wave. I must say something, that Hamas is not alone. There are four organizations, but they only mention Hamas. One is the PSLP, which I was a member. The PSLP, another organization came from the PSLP and one more. The enemy press doesn't mention their names, doesn't mention they are part of the revolution, only Hamas. Hamas, they are doing very good work, I respect them, you know, my admiration. But, you can see that the enemy is trying to let people be intoxicated, be manipulated by the war press. But even so, we must not forget that there is a real Palestinian resistance. The Israelis have killed maybe thousands of people, innocent people, bombed their houses. They have no right to do this. They have to leave the north of Gaza, and they are leaving, but there are over a million people who are leaving to go to the south. There is the government of Egypt, which is an ally of Israel. Anyway, there is something interesting about this, that everybody showed their real face.

I am an old communist, I joined the communist party, the communist youth of Venezuela when I was 14 years old. And I am respectful of my ideals, I go for my father, but that doesn't mean that I don't believe in God. I am a Muslim, a true Muslim. Yesterday was the prayers since June we had no prayers with cemaah. For the first time the man came, good. He is a good man. Things have changed a lot in this prison, with the new director. Anyway, I think it will get better again. It is a question of patience.

I want to say something. The government of your country, Erdogan, is having a very interesting position. And they are on the side of the Palestinian cause. They have always been, but now it is more clear. And Qatar is playing a double game, triple game, quadruple game. It is in a way better than all the other organizations. They have a Turkish base, also they have an American, United States base. So it is all very complicated, it is very difficult. But whatever, enemies will not win. Whatever, the Palestinian people are ready to sacrifice themselves. And the Israelis are never ready to sacrifice themselves, but they are ready to commit all the crimes. For the first time, there were so many Israelis killed, and most important, they were hijacked, more than 200 Israelis, and they were brought to Gaza Strip. And two American citizens, mother and daughter, were released to the United States, freed on the demand of Qatar. So this is a very special game. And I don't know how long will it last, but we are not on the losing side.

The PSLP, which is a member of the organization, of the four organizations that are resisting the Israeli attack against Gaza, they are mentioned nowhere. And this shows that they are still a very respectful and very fearful organization. I am very proud of having been the first foreigner member of the Palestinian Resistance in 1970. I am a survivor from Black September 1970, and I was the first foreigner who joined the Palestinian Resistance, the PSLP. And I reached high level. I was a general, assistant general of the Resistance. This is something wonderful. And I am proud. And I am in prison because of this. This is the reason I am in prison. I don't want to give more details. This is not the only reason, of course, because I have no right to talk about these things. I am in prison, don't forget.

I don't know what will happen. I don't know what we will do. But I think victory is in our side. And the fact that the PSLP and two other organizations that are fighting against Israel and defend Gaza, different organizations, are not mentioned by the world press shows that they are important. Palestine will be freed; all Palestine will be freed.

I am still here, I am in prison and I am not getting any younger. I was 74 years old on the 12th of October. Can you believe that? I should have been dead when I was 24. They did not manage to kill me. And they were believing those lies that I take drugs. I never take drugs. Even a small cigarette with hashish in my life. And women, yes, I like women. But I always respected them. I never treated them in a bad way. And I never been with prostitutes or anything like that. I was a good looking man. And I was lucky with women, you know.

Anyway, yesterday I talked to Venezuela. And there was a meeting. My brother Viladimir was talking to the people there at the meeting. And he told me to talk to them. I did. I sent a message. I talked directly. It was wonderful. And here I am, waiting, waiting, waiting, hoping to see my Turkish lawyers in Caracas. We survive and we will win.

The forces of Israel attacked a hospital in Gaza, and they killed a lot of innocent people. The hospitals are never aim. The hospital was desecrated. And they did it. It doesn't matter what they do, what they want, the Zionists. And above all, the government that is in power is a piece of shit. The Prime Minister is the younger brother of an officer of the Israeli special forces, and we killed him, a German comrade killed him in 1976.

Allahü Ekber!