Carlos the Jackal: Zionist regime is more criminal than the Nazis

Şirin Ebu Akile who is the journalist, was killed by Israel soldiers. Then they attacked her funeral ceremony in church because she is a Christian. They attacked and her body fell down. This is an unbelievable oppression.

Görüş 25.05.2022, 16:42
Carlos the Jackal: Zionist regime is more criminal than the Nazis

First of all, I should talk about this great day of suffering for our people of Palestine. State of Israel was declared, and Muslims, Christians and Jews of Palestinians are being suffered up till today. A Palestinian Christian journalist who was working for Al-Jazeera, was assassinated clearly by Israelis. They denied killing her, but they lie. They lie about everything.

I would like to say something. We have to protect all the Jews except the criminals. They should be discriminated and should be eliminated.

Many of the Arab countries are being established relations with Israel. They are traitor. Turkey which has had good relations with Israel since it has established, is the only country that not an agent of Israel now. President Erdogan who is fighting to preserve the independence of Turkey, is a great person, true Turk, and true Muslim. Only want to say something, he should try to get some allies. Abdullah Ocalan is in prison, and it is normal. Turkey arrested him in Africa because of his illegal actions. Let him go out and allow to continue the struggle even in the opposition is for benefit Turkey and Kurdish people. Deputation of Ocalan will be able to appear a new situation in Turkey.

Turkey isn’t accepted as a member of European Union. All the NATO members accepted to EU except Turkey. Most of Turkey is in Asia but the important piece of Turkey in Europe. They blocked Turkey become a member of EU. Especially French governments played an important role, even the actual French government.

Turkey shouldn’t forget the Nakba. Our Turkish brothers in power in Ankara and Istanbul must remember like all the Arab patriots, all the Muslim believers, and people of Venezuela. Government of Venezuela and most of the Venezuelan political parties remember Nakba. The oldest one is Venezuelan Communist Party. Nakba defeat not only the people of the territory of Palestine suffered. It suffered all of the believers. Those countries that cooperate with Israel are traitors. Turkey does not cooperate with Israel. There was a particular relation for many years and then actual government tried to break up the relations and suspended twice. This is very interesting. We don’t know what will happen, but I trust people of the world. They will defend Palestine cause.

Şirin Ebu Akile who is the journalist, was killed by Israel soldiers. Then they attacked her funeral ceremony in church because she is a Christian. They attacked and her body fell down. This is an unbelievable oppression. Except Turkey all the NATO countries and most of the Arab countries covered. Traitor Arab countries established good relations with criminal Zionist regime. Jews suffered so much before and during the II. World War. We don’t know the count completely, but more than million Jews have died. There is a lot of lie about topic. However, they exploited the issue to establish most criminal regime of world. Zionist regime is more criminal than the Nazis, because Nazis weren’t liars. I don’t agree with them, they were on the wrong idea and position. It is not clear, but it is said that Hitler had Jewish blood. I have heard this before. Whatever, he killed himself, he didn’t want to be captured alive and his body disappeared. Who knows where is the body? I heard that Stalin took away the body to Russia, I don’t know why he would do this. Consequently, even try to escape he was died in Berlin.

We continue resisting, and we shouldn’t forget Nakba. This is a terrible day for all people not only for the people of Palestine. Palestinian Jews were against Zionism too. They live together with Muslims. Their festivities were celebrated by Muslims and Christians. I am old enough and I met some of the refuges. They were not racist, but the Zionists are racist against the Arab Jews, not only the Muslims and Christians.

Happen which has been done against body of the lady, is unbelievable. She is not a terrorist; she was a Christian journalist. She was a very good journalist and working for Jazeera. They assassinated her. This minority government should be in Tel Aviv now, but most of Arab countries recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Anybody who defense the capital of Israel as Jerussalem is a traitor and they should be eliminated; first of all the Arabic traitor. Talking about Turkey, anybody can’t say that Erdogan is defending Israelis. You can’t never critic Erdogan on this topic. There is only a pragmatic relation. One the other hand, one of the first country that has recognized the state of Israel, was Turkey. At that time Turkish government led by Americans. But it is not a case now.

Anyway, we don’t know what will happen, but I trust the right side will be victorious. The Palestinian state in which Jews, Christians and Muslims will be able to live together like before the Nakba, before 1948, including the poor Jewish refugees and immigrants. Poor Jewish refugees had no choice without coming to Palestine.

State of Israel will be disappeared. I hope, I will live long enough to see this great day. They will not survive! Extremist Jews occupied more and more kilometers of Palestinian territory. Even the Zionist government is a bit angry with this extremist Jews. Because they do what they like. There is a country that broke relations with the state of Israel. Not only broke relations with Israel, it also stopped the recognition of Israel. It is Venezuela. Venezuela is the only country which doesn’t recognize the state of Israel in the world. I am proud of being Venezuela. Three right-wing president of Venezuela were from my family. They were Christian-Catholic but they were not foreign agents.

I hope, I will continue to be in the line of my family.

Allahü Ekber!


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